Q2 in Review: Highlights and Insights From the Atrium Team

Unlock the power of your data With deep expertise in AI and machine learning, we help businesses make smarter decisions and act on them.

Improving Your Company”s Resilience with a Data-Driven Forecast

DOWNLOAD In today’s environment, adaptation and resilience win.
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Take control of your data, surface the insights you need to compete, and drive impactful outcomes — with our guidance and support every step of the way.
We provide access to innovation by partnering with other platform leaders in the intelligent experience space.
Whether you need help getting started with analytics and identifying the right solutions for your organization, complex implementation or integration services.

Or continuous support for Salesforce or other analytics solutions

we can help.
Your industry, our expertise.
We have a unique understanding of the role data plays in the world today.
As the market leader in intelligent solutions, we take a data-driven, industry-specific approach to business transformation for our customers.
We specialize in the following three industries, with an emphasis on customer acquisition, customer retention, and intelligent forecasting.
Financial Services.
Revolutionizing banking, wealth management, and insurance with intelligent AI-powered predictions and recommendations.  Healthcare and Life Sciences.
Improving experiences and providing better patient outcomes with intelligent AI-powered predictions and recommendations.  Higher Education.
Improving student outcomes and helping institutions provide better approaches to education with intelligent AI-powered predictions and recommendations.
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How to Unlock Account Potential and Recognize Revenue

Bridgette Brown Account growth and retention is not a new focus, but the way we prioritize and achieve it has changed.

Multiple Toggle Selection Binding: Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Monali Dixit Widgets are one of the main components of a dashboard.
In Einstein Analytics, the toggle widget gives us the.
Q2 in Review: Highlights and Insights From the Atrium Team.
It’s been a time of immense change in business and in life for all of us.
Over the past.

Getting Started on AI Initiatives: The Do’s and Don’ts

Your business can benefit greatly from using AI and machine learning to transform your data, systems, and platforms into.
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