BOP outlet nozzle using PAUT and TOFD method

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ALTAIR also provides inspection solutions for various products.
ALTAIR has well experienced and qualified crew specially experience in handling inspection of various products to meet customer requirements.

Our company is accredited to SAC-SINGLAS requirements

We supply our inspection crew for various NDT methods with equipment

Following are our specialization services offered to various oil & gas, power generation, fabrication industries Following are the services we offer: Boiler tube welds inspection in power generation industry using advanced NDT (PAUT and/or TOFD) Process piping girth weld or longitudinal welds (CS, AS, SS and DSS material) using advanced NDT (PAUT and/or TOFD) Pressure vessel welds (for all thickness) using advanced UT (PAUT and TOFD).

Nozzle inspection using PAUT with specialized scanners

BOP weld inspection (single to double BOP weld)

BOP outlet nozzle using PAUT and TOFD method.
Rubber/HDPE weld inspection using TOFD Storage Tank weld (horizontal, Vertical and T joints) inspection using PAUT & TOFD with specially improvised scanner Corrosion mapping of pipe, pressure vessels, storage tanks etc using PAUT.
Remote field eddy current inspection for steel tubes Eddy current inspection services for surface, welds, tubes etc Magnetic flux leakage inspection for steel tubes Digital radiography of weld and pipes Conventional radiography of welds (pipe, pressure vessels, storage tanks etc) MPI and PT inspection services for welds and components.
Remote visual inspection for pharmaceutical tubes 3D Laser scanning Inspection services Why choose us?.
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Training and inspection solutions in conventional and advanced NDT applications

Business Services.

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