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Craft Burger Bar.
  5th Mar 2018 Restaurants 16 Project Description.
CN Marketing, in association with Till Direct, has developed a mobile app for Craft Burger Bar that integrates with their existing Point of Sales system for easy online ordering and stock control.
The mobile app also increases customer satisfaction, communication channels as well as social media integration for improved brand awareness.
Client Overview.

Craft Burger Bar has two locations and is rumored to serve the best burgers in Cape Town

but they didn’t stop there.
They also boast a wide selection of locally brewed craft beers as well as wines from vineyards across South Africa.
At Craft Burger Bar, guests are spoilt for choice with the “Build Your Own Burger” as well as designer menu items of classic burger combinations and absolute favourites.
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Project info &#xf101 Client Craft Burger Bar &#xf2e6 Category Mobile App Design

Hospitality App &#xf22a Tags Mobile App Design &#xf2a6 Web App https://goo.gl/bD8j8M   Sustainable Your products and services are available in your Users hand at all times; therefore you decrease the amount of printing done for your business.
  User-Friendly Our mobile apps are easy to use and optimised for faster loading available for download on Android and IOS.
  Communication You are afforded the opportunity to increase brand awareness, customer reach and improve sales by communicating through your app.
  Feedback Customer comments and concerns can be addressed quickly and efficiently.
Expand your customer database through the use of forms and reviews on your mobile app.
  Accessibility Become more visible, offline modes are available.
This means that the User enjoys access to the app even when they aren’t connected to the internet.
  Engagement Build lasting relationships to create a sense of loyalty with your Users, reintroduce yourself to the technological generation and drive new clients to your business.
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CenTrak’s active RFID technology does not need bulky

Solutions Overview.

Enterprise Location Service Solutions

CenTrak’s universal infrastructure provides a single

common platform to enable all of healthcare’s use cases, making us the smarter healthcare technology investment.

As an industry-leading provider of Enterprise Location Services™

we deliver a solution which is unmatched in accuracy, speed, performance and power-efficiency.
Our offering is precise, versatile and cost-effective.
They enable healthcare applications such as: security and protection, environmental and temperature monitoring, asset tracking/ management, patient/staff locating, hand hygiene compliance monitoring and business process automation, among others.
Our Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR™) technology delivers certainty-based location data, a requirement for workflow and other key healthcare management applications.
Currently used at over 1,700 leading healthcare facilities in the US, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East, CenTrak consistently provides superior Enterprise Location Services for healthcare featuring the latest in RTLS technology.

The Power of Enterprise Location Services Transforming Healthcare

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) solutions are location-based services used in numerous industries, including healthcare, retail and manufacturing.
RTLS offers a precise, indoor tracking system based on several technologies such as active radio frequency identification (RFID), second generation infrared, low frequency RF and Bluetooth low energy (BLE).
Commercially available for 40 years, passive RFID identifies tagged objects and people using radio waves that are sent by a specialized RFID reader.
Identifying information contained in a tag is detected only when in close proximity to the reader.
In contrast to passive RFID technology is CenTrak’s Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR) system.
It’s an RTLS technology that is utilized in combination with active RFID to show an entity’s location in real-time.
IR fills the defined space and the tags actively send a signal to communicate their location.
CenTrak’s active RFID technology does not need bulky, expensive readers to interpret radio waves — it is simple to install and can be consolidated with an existing Wi-Fi system.
In addition, CenTrak’s Gen2IR system rapidly solves many RTLS healthcare issues by efficiently streaming information to both new and existing applications.
Applications benefiting from an active RFID-supported RTLS in healthcare settings include supply chain applications, especially those involved with high-cost devices such as infusion pumps, medical scopes and crash carts.
Each of these requires high levels of traceability from suppliers to hospitals to patients.
RTLS solutions also reinforce quality assurance and control applications to facilitate instrument tracking processes for infection control.
DOWNLOAD CENTRAK OVERVIEW CenTrak’s Enterprise Location and Visibility Services for healthcare leads to rapid improvement in the following areas:.
Asset tracking and management — All staff members can locate, in real-time, any item critical to patient needs.
CenTrak offers the most accurate locating system available that also delivers condition updates and second-by-second interactions with staff and patients.
Nurse call automation — Data contained in badges worn behind or in front of hospital ID badges gathers essential information, expedites emergency actions 
and streamlines communication between patients and nurses.
Clinical operations and workflow — CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade™ Visibility technology replaces inefficient manual tracking systems with an automated system providing patient location, triage information, who is being discharged, who is receiving imaging services and dozens of other hospital department encounters.

Patient safety — With location services for healthcare

patients no longer need to feel restricted to their room or floor.
Moreover, staff knows exactly where patients are, which prevents them from wandering into dangerous or restricted areas.
Environmental and temperature monitoring — Maintaining proper storage conditions conducive to infection control and diagnostic sample viability is essential to providing optimized patient care.
CenTrak’s Smarter Sensor™ is a wireless environmental and temperature monitoring solution offering superior and accurate detection of even the slightest changes in environmental conditions.
Staff security and protection — CenTrak Security Solutions combines the most accurate RTLS with industry-leading hospital staff security solutions to ensure healthcare facilities can instantly determine when and where help is needed to respond quickly.
Hand hygiene compliance — Improving hand hygiene compliance utilizing an RTLS system can help hospitals reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) and their associated costs.
Reporting true compliance rates to hand hygiene protocols and offering reminders to staff in real-time provides a cost-effective means to increasing patient safety.
Infant protection — Infants wear small tags that communicate continuously with staff to provide location visibility, prevent abductions, and support correct mother-baby matching.
Types of tags include ankle band and umbilical attachment tags.
Medical scope management — CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade Visibility technology provide staff with the ability to track the usage, cleaning cycle and storage information for medical scopes in use.
Vital to ensuring healthcare facilities remain as sterile and pathogen-free as possible, accurate medical scope management also minimizes costs due to lost equipment, while streamlining clinical workflow and communication.
Infection control —Controlling infection is absolutely essential.
CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade RTLS solution tracks and manages unsterile utensils and surgical trays by location and their current stage in the sterilization process.
Wayfinding —Navigating a hospital can be confusing and stressful for patients and staff.
Wayfinding solutions make it easier to find your destination.

What makes CenTrak the Smarter RTLS?

Location Adoption Model – CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services drive the adoption of dozens of use cases via the integration of seven locating technologies including:• Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR™) • Low Frequency (LF) • Wi-Fi • UHF Active RFID • Passive RFID • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) • Gen2IR + Advanced Ultrasound (IRUS™) Clinical-Grade Locating™ – CenTrak’s Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR) delivers certainty-based location data covering entire rooms and hallways, rapid location updates, and extreme battery life.

Faster ROI – Increase reimbursements

optimize mobile medical equipment management, improve utilization of resources, streamline workflow, reduce HAIs, and monitor temperature- sensitive consumables.

Ultimate Flexibility – CenTrak’s RTLS is battery-powered

easy to install and can leverage existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.
Its open location platform seamlessly streams data to both existing and new applications.

Multi-Mode Technology – A unique combination of Wi-Fi locating

CenTrak’s Gen2IR, and Low Frequency RF to future-proof investment and maximize ROI.
For more information email us at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 800-515-2928 Contact Us Request Demo Solutions Overview.
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5D BIM Project Lifecycle Management

MTWO Overview.
MTWO is a world-class end-to-end 5D BIM construction management solution that connects all project contributors along with their processes and data – all on one platform.
MTWO facilitates virtual-to-physical construction planning with artificial intelligence while operating on the cloud.
The result of all project contributors working and collaborating within MTWO is streamlined workflow, more efficient communication, and better-than-ever productivity.
5D BIM Project Lifecycle Management.
MTWO links project lifecycle management with 5D Building Information Models in order to group all relevant data in one place.
The resulting streamlined workflows ensures data consistency and helps to provide insight for future project development.
● Enterprise Master Data.
● Workflow Management.
● BIM Model Management.
● Quantity Take Off.
● Estimation.
● Scheduling.
● Project Management.
● Procurement.
Seamless Collaboration.
Share data and documents in real-time so it is a guarantee that you are always looking at the most updated versions.
Access the platform no matter where you are, connecting the jobsite and office.
Collaborate with others under one single source of truth.
● 5D BIM Collaboration.
● Document Management.
● Mobile Apps.
● Skype Integration.
● Access Control.
Data-Driven Decision Making.
Understanding your data matters more today than ever before.
MTWO helps you analyze the enterprise Big Data in your database to draw data-driven conclusions so that you can make smarter decisions and win more business opportunities.
● Control Tower.
● Custom Reports.
● Scenario Comparison.
● Business Partner Evaluation.
Automation & AI.
Meet McTWO, RIB Software’s construction artificial intelligence solution.
Artificial intelligence will allow all players in the construction industry to be substantially more productive.
McTWO assists engineers to work smarter, more safely, and more efficiently.
● Voice Assistance.
● Chatbot.

● Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Contact us today to learn more about the MTWO Solution

Request for a demo.

With the included Aito UXDesignStudio


Digital Solution for a Physical Experience

Aito®Chip turns off-the-shelf piezo components into ultra-sensitive sensors and precise actuators.
The plug and play ICs are available for user interfaces in a wide range of applications and markets.
System Overview Integrated Circuit for Touch and Haptic You can compare the role of the Aito®Chip in a system to a combined touch controller and haptic driver.
It communicates with the application host processor handling other elements of the user interface, such as illumination.
By connecting up to 10 individually controlled piezos, many interface solutions are possible, from single buttons to sliders and surfaces or displays.
Closed-Loop System Robust and Accurate Aito®Chip functions as a closed loop system.
Signals from the piezos are used to determine surface presses and finger positions.
In response, .

Direct Drive pulses are generated on the fly to actuate the piezos

This approach provides advantages.
For example, it reduces the sensitivity to external disturbances, providing very robust and reliable touch sensing capability.
It”s also essential for intuitive feedback as the response is provided with high accuracy and no latency.
Aito UXDesignStudio Configurable On-The-Fly Developing a good user interface requires a lot of fine-tuning.
With Aito UXDesignStudio you can configure all key parameters of the touch sensing and haptic feedback experience.
Our Windows-based software makes it easy to experiment with settings that can you can change on-the-fly.
It is an essential tool throughout the complete product development cycle, all the way to mass production.
Design Process Fastest Way to Mass Production When designing an Aito®Chip based user interface solution, the integration of the piezo components plays a vital role in overall performance of the system.

That’s why Aito has developed design guidelines and provides training to new customers

Together we can benefit from best-practices and achieve the best possible performance at the lowest cost.
Contact us for more information about our guidelines and training.
GET IN TOUCH Automotive Qualified Reliable and Robust The AITO®HapticTouch technology and Aito®Chips have been designed and tested to meet the most stringent conditions.
With the support of leading system integrators, the impact of aspects such as high temperature, .

Surrounding vibrations and EMC have been tested and qualified

Testing shows that our solution withstands more than 10 million activations or more.
Additionally, encapsulation of piezos underneath the top surface ensures that even brute force cannot damage the interface, making it a very suitable technology for harsh environments.
Evaluation Kit Experience the AITO®HapticTouch Solution For Yourself If you want to experience the AITO®HapticTouch solution for yourself, our evaluation kit is an excellent starting point.
It contains a user interface panel with three controls, connected to a demonstration board.
With the included Aito UXDesignStudio, you can experiment with different settings and configurations.
For pricing and ordering, please contact us.