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As a result, we have successfully achieved a fully integrated suite of software solutions that offers the most flexibility available in the market.
Whether your association is large or small, .

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What is a Fantasy hockey league?

[email protected] How much dose it cost for a Fantasy hockey App Development like Yahoo fantancy sports?.

3rd Most popular sports in the world 10 million

Registered players in Yahoo fantasy sports app $1.5 billion

Is the expected fantasy sports market size by 2024 Fantasy ice hockey App development like Yahoo fantasy sports.
The popularity of fantasy hockey apps is growing tremendously all across the globe.
If you are an entrepreneur looking to invest in this sector, then this is a good time.
Why do we think so.
Let us explain it to you.
There are over 2 billion followers of field hockey in the world.
The hockey fans across the world are extremely passionate about their sports and are constantly looking for ways to involve it in their daily life.
The fantasy sports app has been in vogue for a while now.
Fans love this idea of staying connected with their favorite sports on a daily basis.
Amidst the hustle and bustle, it gives them a sense of relaxation and fun.
What the sports fanatics love about the platform of fantasy sports app is the excitement and entertainment it brings to this sport.
Not just this, it also comes along with some added perks such as cash prizes, sign-up bonuses and much more.
Fantasy hockey apps have set up a perfect stage for fans to prove their smartness in theory.
With plenty of apps to choose from, fans have the option to play either daily fantasy hockey or a season-long fantasy league.
The attractive features of this platform make the betting process easy and effortless.
Moreover, these advanced features have proved to have enhanced the user experience giving them the best-ever fantasy gaming experience.
What is a Fantasy hockey league?.
Fantasy hockey apps are a popular fantasy sports form that is played by millions of fans every year.
The fantasy hockey league is a platform that allows you to create your own team, draft your lineup, play alongside your team, and watch the live highlights.
Here you become the manager of the top players in the world who battle with each other in an online fantasy hockey platform.
These platforms allows the fans to create private leagues with their friends, join public leagues, view the latest scores, stats, analysis, and configure rules, lineups and trades.
How to play fantasy hockey?.
Now that you have decided to start a business in this realm of fantasy sports and create your own sports betting software.
It’s time that you understand the game format well ahead.

Fantasy sports hockey is played in the same way as any other fantasy sports

To play these fantasy sports, the user will be required to download the app and sign in.
Users will then choose the type of league and draft a team depending on the budget.
Manual or auction-based drafting are the common ways used to draft a team.
Users are allowed to make changes before the season starts otherwise they would have to make some in-app purchases that let them do some modifications.
Then when the real game starts, users will see how the players perform.
When the match ends, the players’ performance points are distributed among the users.
The user with the highest points wins.
To know how to bet on hockey, you can refer to various sites that elucidate the same very clearly.

Given below are the types of fantasy hockey leagues: Rotisserie (ROTO)

In this scoring system, players play against every team in their league in multiple statistical categories and at the same time.
Head-to-head (H2H).
Here, teams play against other teams for a week and their real-time statistics are taken for a week.
Fantasy points.
In this scoring system, the points are considered as per particular statistics and the real-life performance of the players on each team Express League.
In this type of league, the rules remain the same as that of the fantasy point’s league but the time frame becomes shorter than the traditional season-long league.
Daily fantasy hockey.
Here, the players play just contests on a daily basis and score fantasy points according to set scoring rules.
How does a fantasy hockey app make money?.

Fantasy sports app like yahoo fantasy hockey has limitless opportunities to make money

With the booming success of this platform, many other players are coming into this realm.

Let’s take a look at the revenue models of fantasy hockey app below: League entry fees

This is the major-money making strategy of this app.
Most of the revenue comes from the entry fees of the fantasy hockey app.
The users keep earning prizes that keep them motivated to take part in pro-leagues.
Brand promotion.

Fantasy sports apps are becoming extremely popular

It can be a great medium to attract a huge mass when it comes to brand promotion.
Businesses are eagerly looking for such a vast platform for their promotion In-app Purchases.
As a fantasy sports app developer, we have immense experience that will help you in creating exemplary fantasy sports solutions.
If you looking for a greatfantasy sports app development, then join hands with us and kick start your journey into the realm of online hockey betting.
This field is highly profitable no matter what monetization strategy you take up, so it is widely evident that it is not going down from the market any soon.
We can provide custom solutions as well as develop a great app from scratch adhering to your requirements.
Standard features of a hockey betting software.
User Admin Home screen.
User Profile.
player info.
Join Leagues.
Create Leagues.
News and Update.
Team Management.
E-wallet Integration.
Role-based dashboards.
View Earnings.
User management.
League Management.
Cash Prize Management.
Bank transaction management.
Reward point management.
What is unique in our Hockey betting app?.
We at Artoon Solutions Pvt.
will create technologically competent, user-friendly, and exceptional fantasy hockey apps.
With our fantasy hockey apps, we will ensure a smooth and convenient user experience.
We will deliver an engaging platform with an innovative and competitive environment.
Some of the exceptional attributes of our Fantasy hockey app includes: Get Quote Easy and safe gaming platform.
Multi lingual support.
Dedicated dashboard.
Revenue based platform.
Real-time statistics.
Social sharing.
Anti-fraud security.
Customized solutions.
Effortless betting.
News feed.
How much does it cost to develop an app like yahoo fantasy hockey?.
Now that you have understood all the details of developing a fantasy hockey app, it is time to know the cost involved in it.
Let us help you through it.
Team up with the top fantasy sports app development company like us and become a successful entrepreneur.
Investing in a fantasy sports business and witness the best fantasy sports app that lets you stand out from your competitors.
We will develop the best-in-class fantasy sports mobile application that is compatible with all devices and latest OS versions like Android P and iOS 11 on Android and iOS platforms respectively.
The total cost of developing a Fantasy Hockey App on Android and iOS platforms with backend will be approximately USD 19000-24000.
Want to know your fantasy sports app developer team?.
We at Artoon Solutions.
Ltd has a pioneer team of developers, who have created many such sports application that is successfully running on Google Play or App Store.
The required team for a successful fantasy hockey app development involves: 2 iPhone App Developers.
2 Android App Developers.
1-2 UI/UX Designers.
1-2 Web (Frontend + Backend) Developers.
1 Business Analyst,1 Quality Analyst 1 Project Manager.
Mould your ideas.
Why choose Artoon Solutions.
Ltd as your ultimate fantasy basketball app Development Company?.

Immense knowledgeable in the field iOS/Android portable application development

Rich Experience in versatile sports applications and site development.
Master meeting for key improvement and highlights.
Moderate cost to make your fantasy sports application a reality.

Coding according to App Store and Google Play Guidelines

Successful Testing Strategy.
Free Deployment.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS).
What are the costs involved in running a fantasy hockey app.

The cost involved includes:Charges to take care of AdminMatch Score API

How much time will it take to create something like the yahoo fantasy hockey app.
The actual time in developing a fantasy hockey app depends upon the complexity and requirements of your project.
We have a team of 60+ app developers who work towards the fulfillment of your project as per your business needs.
Contact us directly for more details on the same.
It depends on your budget.
If you can launch your app on both the platforms then you can reach a large audience base.

Worldwide Android users are more than iOS

So in case of some budget constraints, you can choose android.
The choice is yours.
How can I monetize using my fantasy sports app.
There are various ways to monetize a fantasy sports app.
Advertisements, launching your app on multiple platforms, merchandising, arranging free leagues to attract more users and upgrading to paid subscription, later on, are some of the ways to make money out of your app.
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[email protected] Copyright 2009-2019 Artoon Solutions Pvt


Under Graduate Higher Diploma in SME Management

Under Graduate Higher Diploma in SME Management.
The Undergraduate Higher Diploma in SME Management programme is structured in three different stages.
Stage 1 – 5 Foundation modules Stage 2 – 3 Specialist modules Stage 3 – Students must choose one from 1) a 12 week internship period followed by a 14 week period within which the student can complete the embedded business development project report.
This final report will need to be submitted for evaluation and will also require a viva presentation by the student to the evaluation panel via video conference.
2) A research project focusing on the area of specialisation chosen by the student in relation to business expertise.
This course is aimed to equip owner/senior managers, junior managers and executives with the necessary management skills, tools and techniques to advance their own personal performance as managers and to more reliably inform and guide the development of their SME.
The main rationale of this course is that of translating theoretical knowledge to practical work situations so that at the end of the course the students will be able to participate in SME projects.
The theory detail will be that of providing a background which upon completion of the course, both students and practitioners, can then decide whether to continue with their studies in SME Management at a higher level.
The course will provide tools and necessary knowledge and the skill in applying SME management practices which would help grow and support a business.
This course will also be offered to students across faculty or professionals in different sectors such as Engineering, ICT, Finance, etc.
The programme will also include weekly on-site support classes extra to the online tutorials and not part of the study hours.
This course will include a list of modules that will be available to students as compulsory or electives.
In addition, these courses can also be offered as a standalone.

Blended Learning Programmes in Malta for International Students

Your chance to travel and study in the Mediterranean island of Malta

Ability to work part-time while studying in Malta

Acquire a European accredited qualification with a full online programme

Weekly online tutorials.

Weekly on-site support classes at Advenio eAcademy’s Learning Centre in Sliema

Click here for further information about Application Process For enquiries

you can contact us on Programme Fees:.
Online programme (19 months): €6,490 Blended learning programme (12 months): €7,890 Partial scholarships may apply, kindly, contact us on [email protected] for further information.
Click here to download the Manual for the Online Registration Process The courses to be part of the programme are: Register Now Course Details.
Programme: Undergraduate Higher Diploma in SME Management EQF/MQF: Level 5 *European Qualification Framework/Malta Qualification Framework Credits: 90 ECTS Delivery & Duration: Online – 19 months Blended – 12 months National & EU Accreditation by:.
Scholarship & Grant Incentives.
Principles of Management.

Principles of Marketing & Sales

Principles of Human Resources Management

Principles of Financial Management

Principles of ICT.
Strategic Management.

Management Practice Through Business Simulation

Principles of Commercial Law.
   .

Copyright © 2012 – 2019 Advenio eAcademy

All rights reserved.

you can also learn more about LastPass Alternatives

Cloud Password Management Explained

Posted by | | | | Imagine that

you forgot your password, starting a process of recovery that could take a half an hour.
Or, you forgot your list of passwords at home, and now you have to drive the commute both ways just to start your Monday.
You know you signed up for an account, but for the life of you, you can’t remember the username and password combination.
Sound familiar.
These are all problems that can be solved with effective cloud password management.
To some, having “cloud” and “password” in the same sentence sounds downright worrisome.
But contrary to popular belief, keeping your password safely and securely stored in a cloud-based service can be one of the most secure and effective ways to easily access the entire range of your usernames and passwords.

CLOUD PASSWORD MANAGEMENT Cloud Password Management Explained

Why You Need Cloud-Based Password Management Solution Dan Kenitz April, 24 2017 WHAT IS CLOUD PASSWORD MANAGEMENT: Cloud-based Password Management Explained.
The idea behind cloud password management is simple: you use a secure program or service to store your passwords.
The password-protected file containing all of these essential passwords is stored remotely on a cloud.
That means you won’t have a list of passwords out for all the world to see.
If your computer crashes or a flash drive gets corrupted, you’ll still be able to access your passwords online on the cloud.
What’s more, password management like this makes it easier to find the passwords you need, because you can do a quick search within the program and bring them up.
No more forgetting or losing passwords.
Advantages of password management in the cloud.
Password management in the cloud comes with a number of advantages.
The first of these is convenience.
You can access a cloud-saved file from anywhere; whether you’re travelling on business or at home, your passwords will be available to you and you alone.
Password management in the cloud also enhances security because you’re not relying on a piece of paper that any thief can steal.
Instead, your file is password protected, only accessible by you.
Put it all together and you’ll have an easy-access, secure way to find all of your passwords, even passwords you’ve saved years ago, as long as you’ve put them in the master file.
Cloud solutions for password management.
Cloud solutions for password management come in different shapes and sizes, though.
Look for good pricing, plenty of support across a range of devices, including mobile, and secure authentication.
You need a low-price option that provides you access on a whole host of devices, while also boosting the overall security of your password system.
With the right cloud solutions for password management in hand, you’ll be ready to start storing your passwords safely and conveniently.
Over time, you’ll likely find that this system isn’t only superior, but can take a lot of worry and stress out of your online life.
5 Best Cloud Services for Password Management Reviewed.

Keeper’s password management service costs $29.99 per year for one user

which translates to roughly $2.50 per month.
That’s a pretty low sum to pay for a heck of a lot of security: unlimited password storage, unlimited secure cloud backup, fingerprint login, and a web app—not to mention 24/7 support.
Put it all together and you’ll get a great value for the buck.
Bump it up to five users for a family plan and the price only about doubles, which keeps the entire package pretty convenient and low-cost.
True, there are free password protection models out there, but for the value, Keeper is pretty hard to beat.
LastPass is a free service with a premium option.
And what do you get for your investment of…zero dollars.
Browser/device accessibility, quality password management, and of course, remote cloud-based storage.

While they don’t necessarily throw in all of the perks of Keeper

this is a great option if you don’t want to spend any money on your password protection and password cloud storage whatsoever.

Which isn’t to say that Keeper isn’t worth the money—but if you’re on a budget

you can certainly do worse than LastPass.
There’s also enough security here to feel safe when you store your passwords on LastPass.
In addition, you can also learn more about LastPass Alternatives.
True Key (formerly Passwordbox) is another free option.
It’s powered by Intel, so you know that you have the big-time support from a large company that makes you feel better about the stability of the password system.
All of the usual suspects in password encryption and protection are here, including a system that makes all of your passwords easy to access and easy to look up.
If you like the “spy tech” thing, then you’ll be happy to know that there are also thumb and even face identification processes for logging in, making you secure as possible.
TO 1PASSWORD 1Password.
1Password includes a free trial—and that means, yes, they’ll expect you to pay for their services.
But the price of $2.99 a month is essentially the price of a cup of coffee if you drank very little coffee—and for that price you’ll receive web access, offline access, email support included, 1 GB of storage—which is usually enough for any sane human being and their passwords.
Use this on all of your devices, as well, which is great for those who are on the go and don’t always have access to a laptop or a desktop to make sure that all of their passwords are accessible.
Though the price is a little more than Keeper—and the features aren’t quite up to Keeper’s par, this is a very popular and effective option.
Dashlane is a service that prides itself on helping you organize and remember your passwords.
That’s a great feature, of course, but it’s one all of the password managers on this list share.

So what does Dashlane do that’s different from the pack

For starters, it’s free, .

Which immediately makes “price” a benefit to using Dashlane

It comes with a number of features for password management, including widespread access across a range of devices.

If it doesn’t quite offer the advanced frills that other services like Keeper do

Dashlane is still a great way for you to get familiar with cloud password storage and figure out how they work.
In all, there are plenty of both free and low-cost options for managing your passwords.
These options include customer support, easy and secure access, and the cloud storage you need to never lose your passwords again.
It’s a new age, and the digital options will make your life easier.

Cloud Storage for Video Streaming Google Drive Alternatives

December 30, 2017 1Password Alternatives for Cloud Password Management.
August 29, 2017.
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