Company of Heroes Coming Out for iOS & Android September 10

Friday, September 4, 2020.
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Company of Heroes Coming to Mobile September 10

Company of Heroes Coming to Mobile September 10.
By – Aug 26, 2020 Facebook Twitter It was just announced by Feral Interactive that Company of Heroes is going to be coming out for mobile devices September 10.
There was recently a port over to the iPad, .

But now we’ve learned the game is coming for those on iOS and Android smartphones as well

You might have heard about this game before since it’s quite a popular real-time strategy game about World World 2 and was published by Relic Entertainment.
Keep on reading to learn more about the details of the smartphone release of the game and what specifications are required.
Company of Heroes Coming Out for iOS & Android September 10.
It’s pretty great that Feral Interactive announced this news on Twitter and we’re excited to play the iOS and Android smartphone port of this PC game.
If you didn’t already know, .

Company of Heroes is the highest-rated real-time strategy game ever

This real-time strategy game was just announced to have a mobile release on September 10, which isn’t too far away from now.
The game was ported over to the iPad a while ago and the port to the iPad was considered a success.
Due to the success of the iPad port, we’re thinking that the smartphone port is going to be pretty good.

The developer of Company of Heroes

Feral Interactive, talked about some of the details of the mobile version of Company of Heroes.
What we already know is that the game will cost $13.99.

The game is going to be released on iOS and Android the same day at the same price

You can actually head to the Google Play Store right now and pre-register for the release which is pretty cool too.
We also know that there are not going to be any in-game purchases either.
That means you just pay the $13.99 and you get the whole game.

Specifications Required for Company of Heroes on Mobile

We know a few details when it comes to the specifications required for Company of Heroes.
If you are on Android, .

You will need to be running Android Pie or higher

That means you have to be on Android version 9 or higher in order to play the game

There are some Android smartphones that have been officially supported to run the game including Google Pixel 2 devices and newer.

The Sony Xperia 1 or XZ2 Company can also run the game

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or higher is also supported as well as Samsung Galaxy S8 or higher.
It will also work on the OnePlus 5T or better Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 6 or higher, and the Xiaomi Poco Phone F1.
You also will be able to play the game if you’re using a Motorola Moto Z2 Force, Nokia 8, and the LGV30+.
These are just some of the Android smartphones that will be supported but many other devices running Android 9 or higher also can run Company of Heroes.
The iPad version of the game has specifications too, and we expect that the same or similar requirements exist for iOS smartphones.
On the iPad you need 6GB to install the game and have to be on iOS 13.1 or higher.
You should have at least 8GB of free space available in order to get the smoothest gameplay possible.
While specific iOS smartphone details haven’t been released, it should be close to those requirements for the iPad.

Will You Check Out Company of Heroes on Mobile?

We also know that the file size itself is 5.2GB so it’s a pretty big file and will require a lot of available room to run smoothly.
Google has said that if your Android device isn’t supported then you’re going to just be blocked from downloading the game.
That’s kind of a cool thing since it means you won’t be paying for a game that you can’t even run on your Android smartphone.
You can go to Google Play Store to see if you can purchase the game and that will let you know whether or not your device is supported.
According to the developer, the mobile port of the game will be the full PC version of the game and there are no shortcuts or compromises with the mobile port.
We will have to wait and see if that’s really true, which is only a few more weeks of waiting.
In the comments below we want to know whether or not you’ll be checking out Company of Heroes when it lands on mobile September 10.
Is this a game you’ve already played on PC and did you enjoy it.
Do you like real-time strategy games or are they a little too in-depth for you.
We want to know your thoughts and opinions about this game so leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.
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