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I will remember 2014 as the Year of Quizzes

Since appeared on iOS on January 31, I have released more than 40 distinct quizzes.
In September, .

Most of them were published on the Google Play Store as well

And these quizzes were much more successful than my first apps released last year.

So far I have 578k downloads for iOS and 215k downloads for Android

Total earnings are well higher $20k.
The most profitable iOS app: 50 US States – $4k The most downloaded iOS app: European Countries – 55k The most profitable Google Play app: Swiss Cantons – $650 The most downloaded Google Play app: Capitals of the World – 38k The most profitable and most downloaded iOS app: Inorganic Acids – $800 and 31k downloads The most profitable Google Play app: Chemical Substances – $66 The most downloaded Google Play app: Functional Groups – 14k So it’s clear that Geography is more popular than Chemistry and it’s likely that I’ll continue moving in this direction.
A funny fact for me is that the most promising app of recent months Flags of the World hasn’t won in any of 4 categories.
Let’s see how it will change in 2015.
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Review of the app on the Pulse of Apps: (in Russian) Following the improved Android version, I updated the iOS version of.
Major changes are: – All flashcards are available for free – The new “Challenge” mode (multiple-choice questions about all 43 compounds) – Swedish localization – The updated app icon Filed under , Tagged as , , , , September 4, 2014 · 10:57 pm.
While I am busy with Android, my 47th iOS app has been approved (after 10 days waiting for review).
This is the collection of quizzes on 200 most basic chemical substances: both organic and inorganic.
With the beginning of an academic year, I see the growing interest to my chemistry apps.
The English description of the game is the following: Learn 200 chemical substances that are studied in introductory and advanced chemistry classes: * systematic and trivial names * structures and formulas * organic, inorganic, and organometallic compounds * two different quiz modes * 100 easy and 100 difficult chemicals ***** And it appears simultaneously on the Google Play: .

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I continue adding my apps to the Google Play


Two chemistry apps appeared there: : and : Filed under Tagged as

, , , June 17, 2014 · 8:39 pm.
It is the third time I update.
The major change is the possibility to open the third group of questions (“Honor”, “Difficult”) by giving 200 correct answers in other modes rather than by purchasing the IAP.
In my new apps, I rarely close any content behind the pay-wall and I’m going to reduce the paid content in my earlier apps as well.
Filed under Tagged as , , June 14, 2014 · 1:05 pm Steroids.
After geography apps, .

I briefly return back to chemistry with Steroids

They were the subject of my undergraduate studies and I suspect that it will be the most difficult topics among all my apps.
The English description of the game is the following: Steroids are an important class of natural products with various biological functions: hormones (estradiol, testosterone), vitamins (vitamin D3), lipids (cholesterol).
This app is designed for chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmacy students.
It provides you with a convenient tool to get acquainted with chemical formulas of the most important natural and synthetic steroids.
Many of them are top-selling drugs used for a treatment of asthma, baldness, prostate cancer, and as oral contraceptives.
* 40 steroid structures * flashcards * a multiple-choice quiz * a spell-the-name quiz ***** Acknowledgements: icons for buttons were downloaded from or were created with.

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steroids April 21, 2014 · 2:26 pm Functional Groups.

Functional Groups had to be my first organic chemistry app

The topic is so general and fundamental for everyone studying organic chemistry.
However, it is published only now after several apps devoted to specific classes of compounds: , , , and.
The English description of the app is the following: The most important app for organic chemistry students includes 80 functional groups, the classes of organic compounds (hydrocarbons, ethers, esters, etc.) and natural products (amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, etc.).
Take a quiz or use flashcards for memorizing them.
Start from the basic groups and proceed to the advanced topics.
***** The app has four sets of questions and a flashcard mode.
The mode called “Difficult” should actually be quite easy for a college student majoring in organic chemistry, .

Not saying about PhD organic chemists

I included only 80 classes of organic compounds and natural products and I can easily propose 80 more important classes.
It means that I have a lot of opportunities for the updates and all suggestions and comments are always welcome.
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For quite a long time, I didn’t like the app icon of.
It was too dark and the spacial formula was hard to comprehend that it is cysteine.
So I decided to prepare this update with a new app icon (proline has three-letter abbreviation Pro) and some other improvements in design and localization.
I can’t say that I’m completely satisfied with the resulting icon.
The formula could be a bit larger, especially its labels.
Maybe I’ll update Amino Acids again, but not now.
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I was not very careful sending the previous update of.
Now everything is fixed and the app looks and works exactly as I wanted.
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The app was released on Monday together with and it was featured as a new free app in the Games/Word category for a couple of days.
I got 250 downloads yesterday that is very good for so specific topic.

If people in Apple like “smart” apps

I’m ready to create many apps about different chemistry topics.
We’ll see.
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