The 164-page book in PDF format

Wish you could learn object-oriented programming?.
“Discover object-oriented programming using WordPress” is a book and video course designed for WordPress developers.
It”ll teach you the fundamentals of object-oriented programming using WordPress concepts and terminology.
This way you can get the hang of this important topic so that you can start using it in your WordPress projects.
View packages Get a sample “I know I should learn this.
I just don”t have the time.”.
It’s no secret that programming requires a lot of work.
You have plenty of things to manage, too.
Your work has deadlines, bosses, clients, prospects, you name it.

As a WordPress developer (or any developer

really), it’s hard to catch a break.
Meanwhile, the tools and technologies you use are always changing.
The tech world isn’t going to stop.
There’s React, Sass, Vagrant, APIs, just to name a few.
And that doesn”t even touch the server-side of our work.
It’s a full time job just staying ahead.
This leaves you with little time to learn advanced programming concepts like object-oriented programming.
It doesn’t help that that stuff is hard even if there’s plenty of tutorials out there.
Most of those tutorials suck too.
You’ve probably read some of them already.
They talk about dogs and cars.
When’s the last time you coded a car.
That”s not how the real world works.
Where are those practical examples that you can use at work or on your personal project.
So you end up with the same result.
The whole thing makes no sense to you.
You end up telling yourself it’s not useful or worth the trouble.
There’s plenty of reasons to learn object-oriented programming.
Whether it’s to make more money, save time or just to build expertise so you can move on to something else in your career, object-oriented programming is worth your time.
It’s just that object-oriented programming isn’t easy.
But, if you”re ready to really get started with object-oriented programming, look no further.
You”ve found the right resource to help you with that.
What do you get?.
164-page book.
Everything that you need to familiarize yourself with object-oriented programming explained with WordPress terminology.

Code Exercises

A comprehensive set of 18 exercises as well as their solutions so that you can practice the fundamentals of object-oriented programming.
ondemand_video In-depth screencasts.
Every solution to the exercises from the book explained in detail giving you all the context that you need to understand how object-oriented programming works.
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Carl has a zest for teaching that is a joy to experience.
With his depth of knowledge and experience, he breaks down complex topics in a manner that’s both encouraging and inviting.

If you want to increase the quality of your WordPress code

this book is a must-read.
Rachel Cherry I love learning from Carl.
He has a command of some very advanced topics and always gets into how things work and why certain approaches might be better than others.
Top notch.
Zac Gordon Carl is a fantastic instructor.
He breaks things down in a way that no matter what your skill set is, you can understand.
When presenting in person, he breaks often and allows for questions to ensure that people are able to follow along and not get lost in the deep content he is sharing.
He is able to explain very complex topics easily.
Tessa Kriesel I wish that this book had existed when I first got serious about learning PHP for WordPress development.

What I did have was Carl”s blog

his post about of polymorphism was my introduction to what PHP is capable of and the importance of understanding language and programming fundamentals.
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The book $39 The 164-page book in PDF format.
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The 164-page book in PDF format.
EPUB version for e-book readers.
Lifetime access to book updates.
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Set of 18 exercises + solutions.
The 164-page book in PDF format.
EPUB version for e-book readers.
Lifetime access to book updates.
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Heya, I’m Carl Alexander.
I”m the charming guy that you can see above.
I”ve been teaching everything I know about programming to the WordPress community for a few years now.
Most of it you can find on my site, .

But I”ve also done a fair share of speaking at WordCamps as well

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