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9 September 2020.
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DraftKings launch in-game betting show VSiN

DraftKings launch in-game betting show.
7 mins Ago Tags: DraftKings, sports gambling, vsin The Vegas Stats and Information Network (VSiN) has teamed up with DraftKings for a new sports gambling show that will continue the merger between live sports and wagers.
Prime Time Action, Powered by DraftKings (PTA) is now on MSG Networks and offers in-game betting during live events, making it one of the first of its kind as the sporting world takes on an entirely different aspect compared to previous years.

Just in time for the start of the NFL season

PTA will help sports gamblers make better, quicker decisions on where to place their wagers as the action is happening, and is a precursor to an entirely different sports environment going forward.  PTA airs exclusively on MSG+, as well as on its MSG GO on-demand mobile platform, during the week from 7 PM to 10 PM Eastern Time, according to a press release issued by VSiN yesterday.
It’s the second time this month that the sports-centered broadcaster has launched a show this month, following the introduction of the Rush Hour sports broadcast in Illinois a couple of weeks ago.

PTA includes content from DraftKings

the exclusive sponsor and data provider for the show, that will allow it to provide live odds and up-to-the-minute betting lines during games.
Brian Musburger, cofounder and CEO of VSiN, states, “We’re thrilled to partner with industry innovators like MSG Networks and DraftKings to deliver one-of-a-kind sports betting programming to the largest media market in the country.
The fact that the television home of sports in New York is dedicating programming to sports betting is a testament to the momentum this industry, and specifically in-game betting, is experiencing across the country as well as MSG Networks’ position at the forefront of a media revolution.” The show is hosted by Gill Alexander, .

A sports gambling analyst and long-time TV and radio personality

He is joined by several of his veteran accomplices, all of whom have extensive experience in the sports gambling market.

Especially during the upcoming NFL season

the ability to offer live data is going to be particularly important, as teams have not been able to gear up for regular-season contests due to the presence of the coronavirus.
This is going to lead to a certain degree of confusion, and possibly more injuries, on the field, which will cause teams to change their plans on the fly.  This is the second sports gambling-related TV show to be introduced this week, with both coming as almost 20 states now have legal sports gambling industries.

ESPN’s Daily Wager just relaunched after COVID-19 forced it to take a break

and also combines sports with sports gambling news, lines and analysis.
More than just a niche addition to sports coverage, the inclusion of sports gambling-related topics is now going to be the new norm and will see an even larger presence going forward.
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How to set up a Bitcoin SV wallet for Gambling

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Bitcoin for Gambling.
Bitcoin for the Gambling Industry.
CalvinAyre.com built a resource section to answer your gambling and Bitcoin-related questions.
It offers tips and advice for gambling companies interested in integrating Bitcoin into their business.
We’ll help guide you to the best resources to either outsource your Bitcoin solution or find the information you need to create your unique Bitcoin solution for your iGaming business.
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The Bitcoin SV economy has been uniquely established to reward individual users for their contributions to the internet.
What can Bitcoin be used for besides gambling?.

Bitcoin SV works wonderfully for gambling

with lower fees, fast transaction times, and the benefits that come from blockchain technology like Provably Fair gambling.
But as a digital currency, it has lots of other great uses too.
How to set up a Bitcoin SV wallet for Gambling.

Setting up a Bitcoin SV wallet is pretty easy

and once you do, you”ll be set to start gambling Bitcoin SV online.

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For a gambling operation considering moving their operations over to Bitcoin SV

the move might seem a little scary.

How esports betting naturally fits with Bitcoin SV

As a new generation of gamblers mature, they may prefer to bet on the sporting option they’ve grown up with.
For many, that’s esports, .

And the technology that best fits gambling on esports events is Bitcoin SV

Why is Bitcoin more secure for my operation?.
From the outset, Bitcoin was designed to be a safe.
The blockchain can’t be hacked by any current techniques, and thanks to its distributed ledger, your treasury, player transaction’s, and data are all safe.
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We offer seven simple reasons why slots are better on Bitcoin SV

What is a provably fair casino game?.
As players become more knowledgeable about game offerings, building a game to be provably fair with Bitcoin SV can give your product offering an edge over the competition by laying all your cards on the table.

How to do technical testing and certify Bitcoin SV games

All blockchain formats have failed in testing so far, but Bitcoin SV is working on a solution.
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Regulators just want a verifiable source of truth and honesty from the gambling industry, and Bitcoin SV provides that.
How Bitcoin SV benefits iGaming Ratings sites.
With Bitcoin SV and it’s immutable blockchain, rating sites can record, store and share all the relevant reviews and data required by players when choosing their next online gambling website.
How Bitcoin SV benefits iGaming Affiliates.
Bitcoin SV benefits everyone in the end, and iGaming Affiliates are no different than anyone else.
Bitcoin SV Developer Resources.
Bitcoin SV Exchanges.
Bitcoin SV Service Providers.
Bitcoin SV Wallets.
Bitcoin SV iGaming Technology.
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