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What Is The 918Kiss Free Credit?
The 918Kiss Free Credit is a type of free credit that the website offers to its players. In most online casino platforms, offers of free credit have become quite the norm. It allows these companies to attract new players to try the games that they offer. There are several types of free credits available and each differs based on the user or time limit. Some can be for new users while the others are for experienced players. There are some free credits with a time limit so you need to make use of it before the offer ends. The 918Kiss Free Credit is famous because it is also known as the 918Kiss Free Credit No Deposit System. This means you do not have to deposit any real money to be able to claim the credits. The credits are completely free of charge and require no deposit as well.
Common Types of 918Kiss Free Credit
The company places heavy emphasis on providing all types of freebies to ensure utmost user satisfaction. As such, there are many types of free credit that you can benefit from.
The Welcome Bonus
This is the most straightforward and easiest free credit system the company offers. To qualify, you just have been a new user and register for a new account. This can be an account on the website or through the mobile application. Once you become a new member of the 918Kiss App Club, you can claim this free credit. You just need to contact the friendly customer service team or the agent to receive the free credit. You can’t cash out the credits but you can use it to test out the various games available. The Welcome Bonus is non-transferable.
Loyalty bonus
This free credit is more applicable to the experienced users of 918Kiss. If you are an active player and a member for a least 1 year, you can request for this.  You can view this from the promotion tab on your account. The agent or live chat team may also contact you to inform of the free credits that you may receive. The longer you are a member, the more loyalty bonus you will have access to. This is in addition to other types of promotions and bonus. The loyalty bonus is non-transferable and you can’t cash it out either.
Other Types of 918Kiss Free Credits
Apart from the common types, there are also other free credits that 918Kiss offers. These free credits are more applicable to heavy users and those who wish to earn some extra side income.
High Roller Free Credits
In the casino world, a high roller is a term used to describe a gambler that bets with large sums of money. It is an added advantage if you are a high roller in the online casino world. The more money you gamble with, the more free credits you receive. Once the system has identified you as a high roller, you can start receiving the free credits. This will boost up your balance and you can continue betting with larger sums of money. The more money you wage, the larger the sum of money that you can win. This will allow you to become rich in a short period of time.
Referral bonus
This free credit is a favorite of many 918Kiss, new or experienced. The referral bonus works just like its name, you receive a bonus for every referral. All you need to do is introduce a friend and you can receive free credits. The more friends you refer, the more free credits you receive. Your friends will also receive the same welcome bonus when they register. So, both sides will benefit from this type of free credit. A key point to remember is that you will receive the credit only after your friend’s registration is successful. So if you refer a friend but they did successfully register, you will not receive any referral bonus.
918Kiss Festive Season Free Credit
This free credit type has a time limit and therefore is considered the seasonal or special type of free credit. This type of free credit is only available during festive seasons such as Christmas and others. You will need to always check on the promotions tab to ensure you can make full use of the free credits. Your 918Kiss agent or the live chat team might also contact you to inform of the free credit available. Its important note that the free credit is available only during the offer period or the particular festive season. Thus, once the offer is over, you will not be able to request for the free credit anymore. Also, this is a non-personalized free credit type, which means it is standard throughout. Therefore, the amount of free credit and the time limit to claim is the same for all players of 918Kiss.
As explained above, the 918Kiss offers a variety of free credits for the players to enjoy. There is even a special free credit known as VIP Free Credits. This type is only for those who become VIP members of the club. This free credit is available only to very few players that are able to hit the VIP mark. Regardless of the player status, everyone will be able to access or claim some form of free credit. 918Kiss is very lenient and is willing to cater to players from all walks of life. The free credits will allow you to win even more money on top of anything you deposit. Thus, you will always have a better chance of winning large sums of money. Don’t hesitate to register your account to claim free credits and start winning big.
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Tyre Flip

About Tyre (or tire) flip does exactly what is says on the tin

It requires the strongman to flip a bloomin’ heavy tyre.
The event is usually for maximum repetitions or for the quickest time to cover a specified distance.
With tyre weights coming in at over 500kg it doesn’t bear to think the type of vehicle is must have come from.
Records Although there must be a record for the heaviest tyre successfully flipped we have been unable to find it officially documented.
If you know of a record and have proof then get in touch.
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but the stakes are bigger in China

Qualcomm is one of at least thirty foreign firms to come under scrutiny as China seeks to enforce a 2008 anti-monopoly law – efforts some critics say have unfairly targeted overseas businesses, raising protectionism concerns.
The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) fined San Diego-based Qualcomm more than $200 million in 2009 for abusing its dominant market position, but the stakes are bigger in China, where an investigation by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) could trigger changes to Qualcomms licensing deals and fines of as much as a tenth of a companys annual revenue.