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918Kiss Kiosk Introduction
What is this 918Kiss Kiosk that was launched recently? What does it do? How does it work? The 918Kiss team has been receiving many inquiries on how to be part of the 918Kiss team. These people are interested in starting some sort of partner program with us. That is not surprising as the 918Kiss live brand continues to grow on a daily basis. Who does not want to be part of a such a successful brand right? In addition, having business partners to help us grow the business seems like a logical move for us. We get more business opportunities whilst our partners get to own a profitable business. It is essentially a win-win situation for both parties. Well, that is basically the main premise of the 918Kiss Kiosk. It is a game management system for people to sign up as our agents.
The 918Kiss Kiosk web page allows our agents to manage and alter their players’ information. Agents can help any player sign up for an account for 918Kiss online casino too. We used to have only a few agents to help us to do this. However, we realized that the process could be more efficient and quicker with additional agents. After all, we want to ensure that players can access the 918Kiss online casino in an efficient manner and with minimal delay. Ensuring optimal user experience has and always will be our primary objective.
Registering For The 918Kiss Kiosk System
So, how can you register to become a casino agent via the 918Kiss Kiosk System? One of the most effective ways is to approach any gambling site and submit an official request. This is because many of these gambling sites offer opportunities to potential individuals to become their agent. It is all about the win-win situation we described above. What if I cannot find a gambling site that would approve my request? What if the application for agents are full? These are some of the common concerns that we have encountered. Do not worry! If you are unable to find a website to become an agent, we still have you covered! You simply need to contact 918kissfreecredits.com for more details and information on how to become an agent!
You will need to prepare some basic personal information upon requesting to become an agent. For example, potential agents need to provide their full name, phone number and email address. The purpose of this information is to allow the casino website to save your data and contact details. Potential agents need to take note that casinos will not be contacting you immediately. The normal waiting time for a call back would be approximately one to two weeks. The reason for such a lengthy delay is because they have a lot of applications to process and inquiries to answer. Everyone is grabbing this golden opportunity and you should too!
Using The 918Kiss Kiosk System
The 918Kiss Kiosk’s main objective is to manage each player’s information as well as the game data on the online casino. You can already imagine the power that is available on each agent’s hands. The system is so powerful because it can control every aspect of the information on the gambling system. This system will be detrimental if it falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, it is highly advisable that agents do not lose their username and password for logging into the 918Kiss Kiosk system.
In general, the 918Kiss Kiosk can perform a lot of functions for the agent. For instance, agents can create an account for new players and change the player’s password if he or she has forgotten it. Agents are also able to top-up game credits into players’ accounts. Lastly, agents can withdraw game credits and cash out to winners as well as locking and unlock casino games for players. Having said that, new agents can always request for a guideline from the casino site that they registered with for further information. Agents should always take note of their 918Kiss Kiosk credit. If the credit is finishing, he or she must contact the main supervisor to order add-on credits. You do not want any delay in running your business!
How Do I Make Money?
So how does one exactly make money using the 918Kiss Kiosk? The idea here is quite simple. You lose money when players win and cash out their winnings. You make money when players lose and deposit more cash into their account. It is basically a numbers game. The more players you have, the higher the chances of making profits. Therefore, you need to attract as many players as you can. So how do you do that? Well, we have some ideas that may work for you! Firstly, you can try creating an advertisement on popular social media websites like Facebook or WeChat. Furthermore, you can try banner advertisements on popular websites with high traffic. You could also try advertising on online gambling website and forums for greater targeting. Lastly, you can try Google AdWords to target those who are searching for online casinos.
We at 918Kiss understands that many people want to start their own business. There could be many reasons for doing this. Anyhow, we believe that the 918Kiss Kiosk is a fantastic opportunity for people wanting to get a head start in entrepreneurship. It does not require a lot of capital and the chances for making a profit is immense. Feel free to contact us for more information on the 918Kiss Kiosk. We are always looking out to get more agents!
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918Kiss Free Play | 918 Kiss Free Credit | Unlimited Credits For 918Kiss Slot Game

Searching Every Nook & Corner
918Kiss Free Play is now in full demand worldwide and players are searching every nook and corner on the internet to catch the promotion. Everyone wants to get their hands on the 918Kiss Free Play because it is free of charge. Yes, you heard it right!!
This means the player doesn’t need to invest any money deposits to gain the free credits for the gameplay. Hence, the players can play the 918Kiss Casino Games right away without making any payments. There are over 100 casino games in the 918Kiss App, and most of them are widely popular. This includes the Slot, Table, and Video Arcade games. These games are fun, exciting, interactive and awesome. Thus, it makes the players fall madly in love with the 918Kiss Casino Games.
Where Can I Grab This 918Kiss Free Play?
To tell you the truth, there are two (2) ways for you to grab this promotion. The First way is to Google and searches the internet to see which online casino is offering this promotion. The second way is to engage in live chat with online casinos.
The first way will open the floodgates of the internet, showing you hundreds of casinos offering the 918Kiss Free Play promotion. All you have to do is to sink your head in some light reading on the reviews of the casino and take your pick. Actually, it might seem a little bit tedious but it’s not. Usually, the top rated casinos would pop up first in your Google search. Thus, making it easier to make your top pick.
The second way is a little bit challenging. What I mean here is that you have to engage in live chat with the casino’s Customer Service team. No doubt the response is fast, but for some, this might look a little bit of time-consuming. Think about it. You have to do the chatting with so many Customer Service agents just to find out if they have the 918Kiss Free Play promotion.
In my opinion, searching on the Internet will be the best choice.  Anyway, this is an individual preference and you do what makes you happy and satisfied.
Benefits Derived From Using The 918Kiss Free Play
There are quite a lot of the benefits that you can obtain from using the 918Kiss Free Play for gaming pleasure.
Firstly, there will be NO real money involved. This means no monetary deposits come into play to obtain the free credits. It wouldn’t be a heart pain if you end up losing all the free credits. As the saying goes “There will be a lot of failures on the roadway to success”
Secondly, the free play credits enable you to learn the betting strategies of the game. The more you try the games with the free credits, the more you learn about the tips, tricks, and loopholes of the game. So, it becomes a learning playground for you. This benefit is definitely an eye candy for new players and even veteran players.
Thirdly, 918Kiss Casino is now mobile friendly. As long as you have a mobile device, you can bring it anywhere and play anytime. They even cater two (2) different versions for installation. One is for Android devices and the other is for Apple devices.  Really practical and smart of 918Kiss to cater to people from all walks of life.
Fourthly, you can spend your free leisure time playing and enjoying most of the 918Kiss Casino Games for free. You do not come in contact with any risk and playing the games become pure joyful entertainment.
Finally, once you have mastered the flow of the games through the 918Kiss Free Play, you can get your hands in the real game with real money. This will start your winning streak.
Personal Advice For Newbies
Everyone has some fear of embarking on something new. Thus, 918Kiss Casino online is no exception. To clear this fear and to get you participating in 918Kiss games, the 918Kiss Free Play comes for free. The casino wants you to test run the games for free in order to play with ease the next time. As you test play more and more, your confidence experiences a new boost of energy. After failing a few times, you will master the strategy of winning. So use the 918Kiss Free Play to broaden your horizon on the games in 918Kiss. Anyway, it’s for free. Why give up the opportunity?
Another thing to note is that don’t give up so easily. Remember when you were in school and the teachers’ always said: “Practice makes Perfect”. This rule applies here too. Try and Try and never give up.
Do You Want The 918Kiss Free Play Now?
After hearing all the personal advice, do you wish to have the 918Kiss free play now? Look no further!! Delve into the realms of the Internet as this will be the fastest way to obtain it. Don’t just merely play for fun. Take this 918Kiss Free Play chance to learn the betting strategies. One day, you will become a subject matter expert on betting. Even your friends and family members will come to seek advice from you. Hey!! You can become a 918Kiss blogger too.
In conclusion, don’t let me hold you back and take up your precious time. You could be spinning the wheel of fortune and making huge payouts now. Go on!! I know you want it!!
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918Kiss Free Download | 918 Kiss Free Play Account | Unlimited Credits

918Kiss Free Download Introduction
918Kiss Free Download is a mobile device application that is free for all to download and install from the internet. Getting free items will always raise anyone’s interest and curiosity, be it young or old. Thus, this 918Kiss Free Download is no exception. Why may you ask? It becomes an awesome gift, which you do not need to pay. Plus, it comes with more than a hundred games ranging from Slot, Table and Video Arcade games.  Really!! Tell me more!!
Once you have found a safe and secure site to get the 918Kiss free download, it downloads as a 918Kiss APP on the mobile device. The 918Kiss APP allows installation on Android and Apple mobile devices only. For the PC and laptops, you need a third party software’s assistance to run the games on the 918Kiss APP. People love the 918Kiss APP because all you need is a single game account to enjoy all of the games.
Can You Help Me Get The 918Kiss Free Download?
Sure, no worries!! Let’s get the ball rolling. The first thing you need to do is to prepare an Android or Apple mobile device with sufficient memory. The second thing is to find a safe and secure site to download the 918Kiss Free Download. You can achieve this by doing a search on Google. Ensure that the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the site that you pick has an “s” behind the HTTP. E.g. “https://www”. The “s” behind the HTTP means that it is a safe and secure site. The reason for highlighting this is because there are many fake sites and scammers waiting to grab and con you.
The third thing to do is to engage in conversation with the Live Chat team of the 918Kiss online casino to find out about the 918Kiss Free Download. Definitely, the Live Chat team would be most obliging to assist and help you out. The team will send you a link where you can register with the casino as a member. This will take only 3 minutes.
Upon, successful registration the team will issue you a User ID and password. At the same time, the team will send you the link to download the 918Kiss APP. So, you will need to download and install the 918Kiss APP on your mobile device. The 918Kiss APP comes in two (2) versions. One is for Android devices and the other is for Apple devices. So, select the correct version and download the application. It does not take more than 4 minutes to download the application.
Lastly, once the 918Kiss APP is on your mobile device, the floodgate of pure entertainment opens up to you at your fingertips. Try the Slot games first as they are the easiest to make some winnings.
Is That All I Need To Do To Get The 918Kiss Free Download?
Good question! Actually, you must definitely know about this. If the installation is for an Android device, you will have NO problem at all. The installation will run smoothly and you can start playing the 918Kiss games to your heart’s content.
As for the Apple device, there is a slight problem. Apple has made its devices to be very safe and robust. Thus upon installation of the 918Kiss APP, it does not allow you to access the games. The reason behind this is security and that Apple devices do not trust third party software so easily. So, upon installation of the 918Kiss APP, you will have to go into the settings of the Apple device and set it to trust the application that you had installed. Only upon doing this, you will be able to play and enjoy all of the games in 918Kiss.
Reasons On Why You Should Get the 918Kiss Free Download
Everyone knows that 918Kiss Casino provides the highest chances of winning in their casino games. But, there are surely other reasons for downloading the 918Kiss APP on the mobile device. Here are some of the most beneficial reasons:

You can experience the convenience of online betting. As you can carry the mobile device easily out of the house, then you can bet wherever you wish.
The wonderful interactive games with enhanced graphics will keep you on the edge of your seat. Once you start playing, you cannot put down your mobile device. So mesmerizing and captivating.
No one can sabotage your mobile device as it comes with a security lock. Only you know the password or pattern lock. So safe and secure.
No one will know that you have the 918Kiss application on the mobile device unless you tell them. So, as the saying goes “Keep it under your blanket”, don’t go showing off to others.
Some of the games are group games which involve other players worldwide. Thus, you can make new friends and share tips and tricks.
Higher payout rates is another eye-catching reason. Definitely, everyone wants to make a big kill in the games and get a higher payout. After all, we are only humans.

Be Brave & Get The 918Kiss Free Download
I know that there are many scammers out there waiting to nab you. This is one fear all players face when it comes to downloading the 918Kiss Free Download. I have already given you good advice on how to get a safe and secure download. You don’t need to listen to me but just be cautious.
Read all reviews about the casinos on their website before embarking on securing the download. You can even check it out through word of mouth from friends and family members who are active participants of 918Kiss. As the saying goes “No Pain No Gain”, if you don’t try, you won’t know. Need I say more? Good Luck and Happy minting tons of money.
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918Kiss Free Credit No Deposit | 918 Kiss Download Free

918Kiss Free Credit No Deposit Introduction
Is the “918Kiss Free Credit No Deposit “promotion still available in 2018? This is the most sought-after question on Google now. To be honest, this promotion is still available, but you just need to know where to look for it.
Ok, wait! Before I rave on, do you know anything about this promotion? If you don’t, let me shed some light on this promotion. The “918Kiss Free Credit No Deposit” is actually a bonus promotion from the 918Kiss Casino Online. The free credit system has become a common feature of online casinos nowadays.
The purpose of having this free credit system is to entice more new players to sign up and register with the respective online casino. Upon registering with the Casino, the players can redeem the free credits without making any monetary payments to the Casino. Thus, the players can use these free credits to play most of the games in 918Kiss. By the way, the steps in claiming these free credits are simple and mobile device friendly. Hope this is enough for starters.
Tell Me How To Get This?
OK! Let’s get down to business now. The probing question of “Where can I get this promotion” is always in the minds of every new player. So, let me give you some guidelines to follow on how to obtain it.  The three (3) most popular ways are:
Google On The Internet
You can let your hands do all the searching for this free credit promotion on the internet. With the search engines being highly optimized now, your search will rake up hundreds of results. In fact, the search will display the best to the worst and it will be easy for you to take a pick. No hassle, just some light reading.
Engage In Live Chat With The Casino’s Customer Service Representatives
Do a google search for the 918Kiss Online Casino. Once you have selected one of them, engage in conversation with the customer service representative regarding the free credit promotion. They would be most obliged to help you. In fact, they are quite fast in responding on the availability of the “918Kiss Free Credit No Deposit”.
Register With The Casino & Receive Notifications
What you can do here now is that you can sign up and register with the online casino. If the “918Kiss Free Credit No Deposit” promotion comes into play, the casino will automatically notify you through messaging. That’s the reason why you need to have What’s App or Wechat messaging applications on your mobile device.
Must Know About The “918Kiss Free Credit No Deposit“
First of all, the free credit helps the player increase the winning odds while playing a game. You can increase the wager with those free credits into the bet. For example, if your budget is only $10 per game, you can utilize an additional $1 from the free credit. So, in total, you are betting $11 per game. If the game wins, then you win the higher odd from the game. The higher the betting, the higher are the profits.
Secondly, the free credit helps the player extend the gameplay period. So, you can enjoy the 918Kiss Casino Games for a longer period of time.
Some casinos may request a high rollover before withdrawing the credits for cash. Since it is free credits, normally the casino may request 30 times more turnover for the proceeds when making the withdrawal. In the end, you may need to play and win a lot of the games in order to make the withdrawal.
Are There Any Other Bonuses Besides The Free Credits?
Yes, definitely there are other bonuses given out by the online casinos to its members. Here are some of them for your reading pleasure.
Welcome bonus
The Welcome bonus is the most commonly given bonus by all 918Kisss online casinos. You can claim it only once upon successfully joining as a 918Kiss new member. Players can use this free credits in any 918Kiss games. Do bear in mind that you cannot cash out these free credits.
Loyalty bonus
Loyalty bonus is for players who have been active members of the 918Kiss online casino for more than a year. If you have joined for more than 2 years, you will be able to claim more free credits under this loyalty bonus program.
Referral Bonus
For the referral bonus, all you have to do is just introduce your friend to join the 918Kiss online casino. When your friend has successfully registered as a new member with 918Kiss, you will be able to claim the free credits from the 918Kiss agent.
Festive Season Bonus
This type of free credit bonus is normally available during the festive season periods for a limited time only. So once you miss it, you will not be able to claim the bonus. You will need to keep in touch with your 918Kiss agent closely in order to get the latest updates on the promotion.
Birthday Bonus
As the name suggests, this bonus is a gift for your birthday. You do not need to worry as the 918Kiss Agents will automatically credit this bonus in your account on your birthday.
Find the “918Kiss Free Credit No Deposit” Now!
Find out about the “918Kiss Free Credit No Deposit” bonus now. Don’t waste your precious time pondering about it. Just start the hunt as soon as possible. Either request from the Casino’s Customer Service Representatives or sign up for the notification message from them. After getting the free credits, start playing all the wonderful, exciting, interactive and graphically enhanced games. Definitely, you are going to amass a huge amount of profit from the 918Kiss Online Casino Games.
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918Kiss Free Credit | 918 Kiss Register Free With Free Bonus

What Is The 918Kiss Free Credit?
The 918Kiss Free Credit is a type of free credit that the website offers to its players. In most online casino platforms, offers of free credit have become quite the norm. It allows these companies to attract new players to try the games that they offer. There are several types of free credits available and each differs based on the user or time limit. Some can be for new users while the others are for experienced players. There are some free credits with a time limit so you need to make use of it before the offer ends. The 918Kiss Free Credit is famous because it is also known as the 918Kiss Free Credit No Deposit System. This means you do not have to deposit any real money to be able to claim the credits. The credits are completely free of charge and require no deposit as well.
Common Types of 918Kiss Free Credit
The company places heavy emphasis on providing all types of freebies to ensure utmost user satisfaction. As such, there are many types of free credit that you can benefit from.
The Welcome Bonus
This is the most straightforward and easiest free credit system the company offers. To qualify, you just have been a new user and register for a new account. This can be an account on the website or through the mobile application. Once you become a new member of the 918Kiss App Club, you can claim this free credit. You just need to contact the friendly customer service team or the agent to receive the free credit. You can’t cash out the credits but you can use it to test out the various games available. The Welcome Bonus is non-transferable.
Loyalty bonus
This free credit is more applicable to the experienced users of 918Kiss. If you are an active player and a member for a least 1 year, you can request for this.  You can view this from the promotion tab on your account. The agent or live chat team may also contact you to inform of the free credits that you may receive. The longer you are a member, the more loyalty bonus you will have access to. This is in addition to other types of promotions and bonus. The loyalty bonus is non-transferable and you can’t cash it out either.
Other Types of 918Kiss Free Credits
Apart from the common types, there are also other free credits that 918Kiss offers. These free credits are more applicable to heavy users and those who wish to earn some extra side income.
High Roller Free Credits
In the casino world, a high roller is a term used to describe a gambler that bets with large sums of money. It is an added advantage if you are a high roller in the online casino world. The more money you gamble with, the more free credits you receive. Once the system has identified you as a high roller, you can start receiving the free credits. This will boost up your balance and you can continue betting with larger sums of money. The more money you wage, the larger the sum of money that you can win. This will allow you to become rich in a short period of time.
Referral bonus
This free credit is a favorite of many 918Kiss, new or experienced. The referral bonus works just like its name, you receive a bonus for every referral. All you need to do is introduce a friend and you can receive free credits. The more friends you refer, the more free credits you receive. Your friends will also receive the same welcome bonus when they register. So, both sides will benefit from this type of free credit. A key point to remember is that you will receive the credit only after your friend’s registration is successful. So if you refer a friend but they did successfully register, you will not receive any referral bonus.
918Kiss Festive Season Free Credit
This free credit type has a time limit and therefore is considered the seasonal or special type of free credit. This type of free credit is only available during festive seasons such as Christmas and others. You will need to always check on the promotions tab to ensure you can make full use of the free credits. Your 918Kiss agent or the live chat team might also contact you to inform of the free credit available. Its important note that the free credit is available only during the offer period or the particular festive season. Thus, once the offer is over, you will not be able to request for the free credit anymore. Also, this is a non-personalized free credit type, which means it is standard throughout. Therefore, the amount of free credit and the time limit to claim is the same for all players of 918Kiss.
As explained above, the 918Kiss offers a variety of free credits for the players to enjoy. There is even a special free credit known as VIP Free Credits. This type is only for those who become VIP members of the club. This free credit is available only to very few players that are able to hit the VIP mark. Regardless of the player status, everyone will be able to access or claim some form of free credit. 918Kiss is very lenient and is willing to cater to players from all walks of life. The free credits will allow you to win even more money on top of anything you deposit. Thus, you will always have a better chance of winning large sums of money. Don’t hesitate to register your account to claim free credits and start winning big.
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