35 Affrontez d’autres joueurs dans Super Mario Bros

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DC FanDome Les fans auront le contrôle car ils pourront planifier leur journée à

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Après des mois d’attente, nous y sommes enfin – Tony.
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série 7 realme a informé du lancement de la série 7 avec les nouveaux.
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Les Eternités Blizzard Entertainment dévoile aujourd’hui le deuxième volet de la série de courts-métrages Les.
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PUBG Pour célébrer la récente sortie de la saison 8, PUBG Corporation a collaboré avec

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NBA 2K21 2K a le plaisir d’annoncer que NBA 2K21, la nouvelle itération de simulation.
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Développée pour tirer le meilleur des plateformes de jeux

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Secret Files 3 Secret Files 3 est le sixième jeu de cette série d’aventure

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WEAREESPORT WEAREESPORT, un concept innovant dédié à la promotion et au développement de la.
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Marvel’s Avengers SQUARE ENIX a annoncé la sortie aujourd’hui de Marvel’s Avengers sur PlayStation.
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GeForce NOW En plus des sorties Game Ready sur GeForce NOW de la semaine

NVIDIA a annoncé que.
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Bibliothèque Interdite Blizzard Entertainment annonce aujourd’hui l’arrivée de plusieurs mises-à-jour de contenu pour Hearthstone, le.
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HONOR La marque high-tech internationale HONOR vient de dévoiler au cours de sa conférence.
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Othercide Othercide, le tactical RPG cauchemardesque de Lightbulb Crew et Focus Home Interactive, arrive.
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FUSER NCSOFT et Harmonix Music Systems

éditeur et développeur respectifs de FUSER, annoncent aujourd’hui la.
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Stronghold: Warlords Comme montré lors du salon Gamescom Studio présenté par IGN

Firefly Studios.
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Spellbreak Le studio de développement primé Proletariat annonce aujourd’hui que Spellbreak, son battle royale.
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Mafia: Definitive Edition Mafia: Definitive Edition permet aux joueurs de vivre la vie d’un.
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Spin 7 Acer annonce aujourd’hui son nouveau portable convertible Spin 7 qui offre une.
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MSI MSI, leader mondial du secteur des notebooks, a présenté sa nouvelle gamme de.
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505 Games 505 Games clôture l’été avec des soldes exceptionnelles sur ses titres acclamés par.
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Razer Naga Pro Razer, la marque lifestyle leader pour les joueurs, annonce aujourd’hui la.
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Scavengers Midwinter Entertainment dévoile aujourd’hui le nouveau gameplay trailer du jeu de tir stratégique free-to-play Scavengers,.
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Ys Origin Une grande licence du JRPG action fait son grand retour grâce à Dotemu ! Ys.
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Super Mario Bros.
Mario en a parcouru, du chemin, depuis qu’il a sauté sur le premier Goomba du.
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Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.
La console qui a marqué l’histoire du jeu.
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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Transformez votre salon en circuit avec Mario Kart Live:

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Super Mario Bros.
35 Affrontez d’autres joueurs dans Super Mario Bros.
35, un jeu.
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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Rejoignez Mario

la princesse Peach et Toad.
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As Far As The Eye Le studio de développement français Unexpected est heureux de dévoiler un nouveau trailer pour.
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Super Mario 3D All-Stars Découvrez trois des plus grandes aventures de Mario en 3D

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Round G.
Round, une nouvelle plateforme en ligne qui offre l’opportunité aux joueurs du monde.
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ArmorLock Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) annonce aujourd’hui le lancement de sa nouvelle plateforme de chiffrement.
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WRC 9 NACON et le studio KT Racing célèbrent aujourd’hui la sortie de WRC 9,.
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Les Sims 4 Star Wars : Voyage sur Batuu Aujourd’hui

EA, Maxis et Lucasfilm.
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8K OLED LG Electronics (LG), le premier fabricant à commercialiser des téléviseurs OLED 8K,.
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Another 89 arrivals reached Britain’s shores on Thursday

More than 1,000 migrants crossed the Channel in the last 10 days (Picture: AFP) More than 1,000 migrants have crossed the English Channel in just 10 days.
An analysis revealed 1,004 people squeezed into dozens of small boats and braved the dangerous conditions to get to the UK between August 4 and 13.
The latest burst brings the total this year to at least 4,511 – more than double the number of migrants who crossed in 2019.
Another 89 arrivals reached Britain’s shores on Thursday, while a further 48 made the crossing on Friday.
Border Force officials are seen carrying a baby who crossed the Channel in a small boat (Picture: AFP) The migrants mainly arrive from France, and witnesses have been shocked when they see people making the journey – with Border Force officers seen escorting heavily-pregnant women and even babies off the small boats.
The Government is under increasing pressure to bring the surge under control amid criticism from Labour and human rights campaigners its handling of the situation ‘lacks competence and compassion’.
As part of a get-tough approach, the Ministry of Defence this week sent in RAF planes to help officials on the water better spot emerging Channel attempts.
It comes as Home Secretary Priti Patel appointed a former Royal Marine to the role of ‘clandestine Channel threat commander’, building on her ambition to make the Channel route ‘completely unviable’ for migrants in dinghies.
Migrants are rescued from the Channel (Picture: AFP) The approach drew criticism from the French side, with Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart telling reporters the use of the Navy was ‘a declaration of maritime war’.
Human rights groups have also labelled the strategy ‘cruel, dangerous and unnecessary’.
They have insisted migrants wouldn’t risk their lives to come to the UK if the Government provided a safe and legal route.
Detention Action director Bella Sankey said the approach seemed overblown given some of the migrants were too young to walk.
The Home Office is getting tough after a record number of migrants crossed the Channel (Picture: Getty Images) She said: ‘The mishandling of this situation continues and now the Home Secretary is nakedly playing politics with people’s lives and the UK’s proud tradition of providing refugee protection.’ Refugee Action chief executive Stephen Hale said ‘aggressive hostility’ to people seeking asylum is ‘making a difficult situation much worse’, .

Adding: ‘Britain is better than this’

However, Channel threat commander Dan O’Mahoney repeated warnings the crossings were ‘dangerous and unnecessary’.
Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at [email protected]
For more stories like this, check our news page.

Key speakers at the event will be Joe Stanley

It will be hosted by South Scotland MSP Emma Harper with contributions from industry experts.

Various key stakeholders including from the National Farmers Union Scotland (NFUS)

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), The National Sheep Association (NSA), and other policy experts, journalists and those working in agriculture have been invited to attend, as well as councillors, MPs and MSPs.
Key speakers at the event will be Joe Stanley, an East Midlands beef and arable farmer, conservationist, columnist and advocate for sustainability for food, farming the environment; and Newton Stewart dairy farmer Colin Ferguson, .

Who is also Dumfries and Galloway regional chair of the Scottish National Farmers’ Union

Colin has a particular interest in the environment, air quality and sustainable farming.

He is also chair of the NFUS Next Generation Committee

Both speakers will deliver a presentation which will be followed by a question and answer session as to why standards of food production and processing, animal health, welfare, and environment matter.
Ms Harper said: “I look forward to hearing from Joe and Colin about why food and animal welfare standards matter, especially since other countries – including the USA – produce food with poorer animal welfare standards which include higher use of antibiotics and hormone treatments and wider use of already banned pesticides.
“I am extremely interested to hear the thoughts, concerns and potential opportunities from the speakers and I want to raise wider awareness on how important standards are.” Colin Ferguson added: “As we emerge from the pandemic, and prepare for Brexit, we must ensure that the positive lessons on food security and standards are preserved.
As food producers, we take great pride in what we produce.
We meet some of the highest production and welfare standards in the world and provide assurances through independent audits that guarantee the delivery of quality Scottish food and drink.
Not only ensuring the food is as safe as it can be, but ensuring the methods used to produce our food is as environmentally and climate friendly too.” Anyone wishing to attend the discussion should email the MSP by the end of the day on Friday.

The post Farm to fork discussion appeared first on DNG Online Limited


Contact Blackbaud directly to confirm the breach

Breaches affect not only the company whose data was stolen, but also every company whose data they store, manage, or transmit, both directly and indirectly.
By proactively using data protection technology, companies can prevent breaches from happening—and help minimize risk after breaches occur.
In May 2020, Blackbaud, a CRM/ERP tool widely used by higher education institutions and nonprofits around the world for fundraising, was breached.
ZDNet reported that while Blackbaud stopped the attack before the hackers installed ransomware on the network, the hackers stole data from the cloud servers where customers save data files about donors, which typically include financial information and income data.
Blackbaud made the decision to pay an undisclosed ransom amount to prevent the criminals from erasing the data.
In adherence with privacy regulations, .

Blackbaud recently notified each customer whose data was involved in the breach

However, their customers must also notify each donor whose information was potentially stolen.
For example, .

The Labour Party in the UK used Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge platform for fundraising

UK leaders informed donors that, in addition to financial data, .

The Labour Party’s files included donors’ political opinions and views

What to do if your company was involved in the Blackbaud Breach Spirion has been hands-on in working with potentially affected Blackbaud customers, to help locate and remediate any data involved in the breach.
By using Spirion, these customers can quickly determine their exposure and limit the impact.

We want to ensure that companies impacted by the Blackbaud Breach feel supported

Consider these four steps as you begin to navigate and explore the impact of the Blackbaud breach on your organization: Confirm directly with Blackbaud that your organization was in fact affected by the breach.
If you’ve received an email saying that your organization has been affected by the Blackbaud breach, that isn’t enough to confirm your exposure — it could be from scammers posing as the potentially breached company in an effort to get your sensitive information.
Don’t respond to potentially fake emails.
Contact Blackbaud directly to confirm the breach.
Confirm what types of data were affected in the breach.
As part of your breach notification and reporting process it is important to validate the scope of affected data.
Knowing which data types were affected will assist in the internal identification of the locations and controls currently in place.
This will also assist in the accurate reporting of the scope of the breach.
Contact your Blackbaud support representative and request the following: • A copy of your organization’s databases for each product under license • A copy of the database schema Identify scope of affected data and begin to formulate response.
Leveraging a combination of the techniques outlined below.

Spirion and native database tools

evaluate scope of breach and identify affected parties.
Your step-by-step guide to recovering from the Blackbaud Breach To help current customers quickly resolve issues related to the breach, Spirion created a guide to walk you through the process of preparing your response and initiating recovery using Spirion Sensitive Data Manager.
Whether you are a current customer or are interested to see how Spirion’s Sensitive Data Manager can save significant time and reduce reputation damage, download the “2020 Blackbaud Breach: Quantifying Organizational Risk and Preparing Your Response.” The post How to minimize risk after the Blackbaud data breach appeared first on Spirion.

Time to Act: Fitness Industry Canada seeks your Input on Government Advocacy Initiatives

Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) is dedicated to pursuing a legislative agenda in the hope of bettering the fitness industry for both consumers and operators.
FIC aims to work with both industry and government to improve the health and physical activity levels of Canadians.
As such, .

We have been working with Grassroots Public Affairs for our government lobbying efforts

We want to hear from club owners and operators on the type of national advocacy you will like to see from your trade association.
The following five-minute survey will help us assess what is important to you and your business.
The survey reviews FIC’s initiatives which you will be able to rank as well as provide your opinion on its importance connected to its outlook on the Canadian fitness industry.
We want to know if we have your support in our advocacy efforts and that we are focused on what is important to you.
complete survey The post Time to Act: Fitness Industry Canada seeks your Input on Government Advocacy Initiatives appeared first on FitBizWeekly.

Use Loyalty Programs to gather customer information

Consumers no longer see a distinction between online and offline shopping.
Whether it’s searching on a mobile phone, browsing main street shops, or hanging out at the mall — it’s all shopping.
To adapt to the competitive new reality, smart retailers are embracing the new reality of using digital to extend to their storefronts.
Educate shoppers as much as you did with your salespeople.
Then, people came into stores with little to no knowledge and relied on a salesperson to advise them on what to buy.
Now, shoppers have become accustomed to doing their own research to get the maximum value out of every dollar they spend, and to feel secure about the purchases they’re making.
With this power shift comes a great opportunity for retailers; those that use tools and insights from the web have the opportunity to close the gap between the smart online consumer and the offline retailer, and to stand out in a competitive marketplace.
Every moment in a consumer’s decision journey matters.
To win these moments, smart retailers need to be there when inspiration strikes consumers, and as they start researching purchases online.
Use Loyalty Programs to gather customer information, deliver new product information, and to reach your customer base.
In our constantly connected world, a device is just a proxy for what really matters — getting to know your customers.
It can help retailers deliver relevant suggestions.
The right message at the right moment is the next level in customer service — it can quickly and easily turn intent into action.
People are constantly looking for product information, deals, local availability, and local discounts online — and retailers who aren’t there to supply the right information when people raise their virtual hand will lose out.
Mobile devices drive foot traffic to stores.
As the lines blur between online and offline, innovative retailers are integrating mobile into their brick-and-mortar store experience.
When shoppers search for a store name or category, they expect to see a map with directions, a phone number that they can easily click-to-call, or special offers.
The search element of shopping doesn’t end once the customer walks into a store.
Mobile can be a map, a shopping list, a personal shopper, a salesperson, and a product finder all at once.
Products can jump off the screen.
The internet was fine for researching, but there was no replacement for holding, feeling, inspecting a physical product on a store shelf or showroom floor.
Each digital stride opens exciting opportunities to close the gap between an on-screen image and that experience of holding a product in a store.
When retailers showcase products online in a unique way, they create opportunities for customers to interact with products on an emotional level.
When consumers’ emotions are activated, their desire to buy is sparked.
We are only beginning to see the possibilities.

Big shout out to our service department staff across Alaska

Every year, Alaska Business Magazine publishes its Best of Alaska Business Awards to showcase exceptional businesses in their respective industries across Alaska.
The magazine’s editorial and management teams create the award categories and a survey is sent to magazine readers to submit votes for their favorite business in each category.
The top three businesses in each category are honored with the Denali, St.
Elias, and Foraker Awards.

Representing Alaska’s tallest peaks and highest business honors For the first time

Best Auto Mechanic was included as an award category and Alaska Business Magazine readers awarded Kendall Auto Alaska the Foraker Award as one of the top three auto mechanics in the state.
Big shout out to our service department staff across Alaska.
Thank you for your commitment to providing the highest quality automotive repair and service.
Keep up the great work.
Read full 2020 Best of Alaska Business article here – https://digital.akbizmag.com/previewissue/july-2020/2020-best-of-alaska-business/   The post Alaska Business Magazine Names Kendall Auto Alaska as One of the Best Auto Mechanics in Alaska appeared first on Kendall Auto Alaska.

forcing to land at Detroit to escort the passengers off

(Photo: Delta Airlines) Delta Airlines returns flight due to passengers refusing Delta Air Lines made an executive decision to return a flight going from Detroit to Atlanta due to multiple passengers breaking safety restrictions on wearing face masks.
Two passengers refused to wear face masks during the flight as is mandated by all airlines in regards to health recommendations for COVID-19.
Reports indicate the passengers wouldn’t comply with crew instructions and the flight returned to Detroit.
The incident caused a flight delay, forcing to land at Detroit to escort the passengers off, and continuing the flight onto Atlanta.
This isn’t the first incident of flights experiencing delays due to passengers not following COVID-19 health regulations.
American Airlines and Spirit Airlines also reported a recent incident of having to escort a passenger off the plane for refusing to wear a face mask.