Though COVID-19 has forced physical distance

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Benefits of Plate Loaded Equipment for Your Gym Matteo Baker Gym and fitness facility operators are always thinking about equipment that gives them the best bang for their buck, while delivering a high-end quality product.
Plate loaded equipment fits this criteria as it’s affordable, low.
visibility18 Views Group Fitness on the Socially Distanced Cardio Floor Eric Vahey During the extended closures, your team of trainers and instructors took initiative and adapted their programming to a virtual platform.
However, virtual offerings are truly lacking a core driver of the success of group fitness:.
visibility22 Views IN-DOM-I-TA-BLE: Impossible to Subdue or Defeat Sal Edwards Words bring life to business.
Words bring life to health and fitness.
The word “indomitable” fits into both of these categories because it describes, in part, the current scenario many of us face during the.
visibility20 Views How State Fitness Alliances are Saving the Fitness Industry Jeff VanDixhorn United we stand, divided we fall.
As we continue to battle the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that we come together as an industry.
Though COVID-19 has forced physical distance, it has also forced.
visibility21 Views Ideas to Position Nutrition at the Point of Sale Carolyn Fetters The majority of customers today join a fitness club with a weight loss goal.
Previously, people joined a gym to become physically fit and joined a diet program to lose weight .
Thankfully, nutrition companies worked.
visibility24 Views Risk Management in the World of COVID-19 Reinig Insurance Solutions August 12, 2020 Now that most club owners have discovered their insurance policies provide no coverage for business interruption claims due to being forced to shut down as a result of the COVID-19 crisis , they are also learning.
visibility211 Views The Make-or-Break Year for Back-to-School Marketing UpSwell August 6, 2020 The pandemic has turned the fitness industry upside down.
Membership cancellation s and account freezes hit record levels, forcing some gyms to close their doors for good.
While this is unfortunate, clubs reopening now have an.
visibility288 Views How Clubs Can Come Out Stronger on the Other Side of COVID-19 Trainerize August 6, 2020 The fitness industry is in a strange spot, caught between a global pandemic, the need to support members and keep businesses running, public health and safety restrictions, and varying reopening phases.
To many, it might.

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Visibility399 Views Reward Your Clients to Change Their Behavior MYZONE August 6

2020 As fitness professionals, we are in the business of behavior change.
Whether it’s getting a sedentary person to move more, helping a sometimes-weekend-warrior develop a regular schedule, or supporting a fat loss client eat more.
visibility275 Views Three Steps to a Great Communication Strategy Hello Gym August 6, 2020 Things have certainly changed, and the “new normal” in the fitness world brought on by COVID-19 should be influencing your communication strategy.
The way gyms have been run since their inception is now cause for.
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