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Values & Mission.
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Services Customer Success.
3PL Central Services.
Offering 3PL best practices to help warehouses succeed LEARN MORE One Size Doesn’t Fit All.
Get the Services You Need.
Having deployed over 1000 customers, and processing over a million transactions a week, .

Everything 3PL Central does is based upon industry best practices

Our experts will guide you through configuring workflows on a customer by customer basis, setting up your billing and integrating our software to your customers’ systems.
And if you don’t see the services you need, just ask.
Our team of experts is here to help you succeed.
3PL Central always delivers the same level of personal attention that my customers demand of me — they are a true partner in helping both my business, and my customers’ businesses, succeed.
President, Swan Packaging Fulfillment Customer Success.
Transforming your business shouldn’t be intimidating.
Let us help.
We understand that your customers demand greater visibility, better order accuracy, and lower prices.
To satisfy their needs, your warehouse needs to invest in an intuitive and comprehensive warehouse management system (WMS) like 3PL Warehouse Manager.
Don’t be intimidated by the changes required to evolve your operations and move away from paper and Excel.
All you need is a team that understands both warehouse operations and software to help you through this important change.
As a 3PL Central customer, you gain access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager.
Their focus is on your continued success, ensuring you and your teams are confident and making the most of your investment in 3PL Warehouse Manager.
Whether you have limited in-house technical resources, or you have a full development team, .

3PL Central has a service offering that fits your needs

Our team loves 3PL Warehouse Manager and how easy it is to use

Everything is right where you expect it to be.
Ease of use is critical when managing hundreds of customers.
Systems Manager, Sussex Transport Professional Services.
Get the service offering that fits your needs.
Our experts are ready to help.
Implementing software is intimidating for even the most technically skilled teams.
Trying to set up a new WMS while continuing to run your business can add strain to already maxed out warehouse staff.

That’s why 3PL Central has created a team of professionals

with both software and warehouse operations experience, to help you.
We have service offerings to fit the needs of warehouse customers of virtually any size and level of technical expertise.
With three levels of implementation services, 3PL Central is happy to work with you to choose the best option to fit your level of technical expertise, available time, and budget constraints.
Administrator Training.
Our most popular implementation level is our Administrator Training model, where we work hand in hand to get your first customer configured and then coach you through the remaining setup.
Your 3PL will be assigned a dedicated implementation manager to guide you through an initial project kickoff and you understand what resources are available to make you and your team successful.
This implementation is based upon our 3PL Best Practices Guidebook written by our Solutions Engineering Team and informed by the hundreds of successful implementations we have done to date.
Full-Service Implementation.
For 3PLs who are either too busy or lacking in-house technical resources, .

3PL Central is happy to help by offering full implementation services

This model is designed to get your warehouse up and running in the fastest and most reliable way.
In this option, our team is responsible for the full implementation and will deliver a fully functional system for you to run your business.
At the completion of the project we will train your team on the best practices to successfully use 3PL Warehouse Manager to meet your business requirements.
On-Site Consultation.
On-site services are available in select situations.
Please contact our sales team to understand available packages and pricing.
Many of our customers have unique requirements and without the API tools through 3PL Central’s Developer Enablement Services, we would be unable to support their needs.
Director of IT, Champion Logistics Group Developer Enablement Services.
Turbocharge your development efforts.
3PL Central can help.
3PL Central experts provide technical consultation for custom projects that require deep 3PL, logistics, product and software expertise.
Subscribe to our Developer Enablement Services and receive top-level technical consultation, SLA-driven API resources, live support, and sandbox access for all your custom API integration programs.

This service is only available to direct 3PL Central customers

but privileges may be extended to their customers and third-party developers.
A subscription to Development Enablement Services include: Community access.
Community designation.
Exclusive-use APIs.
Early Access / Beta opportunities.
Live developer support.
High-level SLAs.
Sandbox access.
Technical Services.
Let us help you scale your business.
We’ve got you covered.
The 3PL Central Technical Services Team can take on virtually any project for your warehouse, whether it is a well-known ecommerce shopping cart like Shopify, complex EDI needs, custom reporting, or an integration to a proprietary system.
We are the technology partner you can trust.
With over 150 years of first-hand software and logistics experience, our Technical Services team has helped over 1000 3PLs become more successful, modernize their operations, and move into new market opportunities, such as ecommerce and omnichannel fulfillment among others.
Our unique combination of skills will help your 3PL accommodate your customers’ unique workflows, .

Whether you are a technology blackbelt or if this is your first WMS

Let 3PL Central handle the technology – we’ll provide you with the best tools to help you grow so you can focus on providing superior service for your customers.
Our team can customize reports to visualize your data however you need so you can gain more insight into all aspects of your 3PL warehouse operations.
Reformat pre-built reports (add/remove fields, edit grouping/sorting of data, etc.) to make it easier to find insights and issues.
Match reports required by your customer’s retail partners to improve compliance.
Customize invoices based on unique workflows and billing needs to support unique needs.
Our industry-proven team will partner with you to develop specific EDI solutions tailored to your workflows.

Using your customers’ EDI specifications

we adapt to and develop custom EDI software integrated directly into 3PL Warehouse Manager, so you can say hello to efficiency and goodbye to tedious paper processes.

Our services include: Support for the most common EDI documents (832

846, 940, 943, 944, 945, 947, 997) reducing implementation time.

Multiple EDI formats (delimited

fixed length, X12, XML) for flexible importing and exporting.
Configure support for different delivery methods (FTP, SFTP), based on your customers’ needs.
We partner with 3PLs to develop retail-compliant custom labels that meet your customers’ needs without leaving your WMS, so you can print labels however you want.
Support for custom label types include: Print retail-compliant GS1-128 (UCC 128) labels.
Print custom 2D barcodes for customers that need more data in a smaller space.
Print custom carton labels to fit customer packaging specifications.

We were never concerned about growth; partnering with 3PL Central made that easy for us

Co-founder, Captech Logistics Support Services.
Expert help is one call away.
Partner with 3PL Central We understand the complexity of day to day operations and the importance of every part of the warehouse running smoothly.
Our expert Support Team is available to assist with anything that may come up during your business operations, from an unexpected error to a quick refresher on a feature you haven’t used in a while.
Comprised of Support Engineers with direct 3PL and software expertise, our Support Teams are located on both sides of the coast, so you get expert help during your business hours and beyond.
For special cases that require deep technical expertise, we have dedicated Software Development, .

API and EDI specialists available to assist warehouses with limited IT resources

3PL Central’s Support Team has been superb with their customer service and provides timely attentions to our tickets.
We have learned so much from them, and they are definitely the best.
IT Program Manager Ready To Get Started?.
888-375-2368  |    |.
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AMD revolutionized the HPC technology landscape


AMD began their journey as a microchip start-up

evolving into a global player in the semiconductor industry.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley

their main goal is to find innovations for all the challenges and possibilities of the digital age.
AMD revolutionized the HPC technology landscape.
Their latest innovation, using 7nm technology has significantly increased the speed of data throughput.

AMD Infinity Architecture now decouples two streams: eight dies for the processor cores

and one I/O die that supports security and communication outside the processor.

With up to 64 cores/128 Threads per socket

AMD is providing the highest core count per socket on the market.
This accelerates computing performance while consuming even less power.

Their use of I/O-dies and PCIe 4.0 accelerate IOPS and assure the best storage solutions

This new technology launched in 2019 is a perfect alliance with 2CRSi’s guidelines to offer the best HPC solutions and highest-performing storage devices.

This vision to bring HPC to the next level makes us a proud reseller partner for AMD

It accompanied and influenced 2CRSi already in its early beginnings.
Their high performance and low power consumption technology complete our vision to offer the latest and best server solutions.
In May 2019, we joined the Epyc System Integrator Reseller Partner Program and achieved an Elite partner level.
This allowed us to get access to knowledge and technology directly coming from the AMD labs.
Last but not least, .

Our customers can benefit from the AMD TCO calculator

2015 – 11:44 am By Posted in

Open Knowledge and Literature.
Category Archives: Text Mining.
Jane Austen’s word choices.
A Facebook friend had a link to an NY Times piece on Jane Austen’s word choices.
Using Franco Moretti’s techniques, it begins showing how Digital Humanities can be useful.
There are one of two of his books that I am waiting for before I can get into the pros and cons but I do have […] July 9, 2017 – 1:15 pm By Posted in Tagged Comments (0) A simple experiment in Sound and Vision for Hamlet.
The aim of this hack is to explore turning the structures of the First Folio texts marked up using Text Encoding Initiative XML (TEI) into notes using the Chuck , PHP and Processing languages.
I wanted to explore the processes for transforming the texts for the user and explore different ways of presenting the textual […] May 4, 2015 – 11:44 am By Posted in , Tagged data mining, php, .

Comments (0) Harmonising the Heterogeneous at Cultures of Knowledge

Harmonising the Heterogeneous at the Cultures of Knowledge seminar series with Eero Hyvönen.
Notes are unedited.
Two forms of the Web : WWW for humans, GGG (Giant Global Graph) for data.
Core data set 1048 data sets and 59 billion triples.

Google’s Knowledge Graph and Microsoft’s Satori – graph engines in the search giants

Why […] November 17.

2014 – 6:25 pm By Posted in

Tagged Comments (1) Future of Editing – some reflections on Nicole Pohl on Sarah Scott.
The seminar in today’s The Future of Editing series, “An Editor’s duty is indeed that of most danger’ (Piozzi): editing Sarah Robinson Scott“, by Nicole Pohl that the Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services is holding at the Oxford e-Research Centre was a thought provoking one in terms the questions raised a series of points […] November 12.

2014 – 9:39 pm By Posted in

Tagged , , open_data Comments (0) Transcribing Bentham seminar notes.
Melissa Terras talked about the Transcribing Bentham , a collaborative project to  transcribe the volumes of Bentham, .

At University College London at the first seminar in the Cultures of Knowledge seminars

Bentham believed in education for all who could afford it in London.
UCL has 60,000 volumes and BL has 30,000.
40,000 volumes were untranscribed […] October 20.

2014 – 5:31 pm By Posted in

Comments (0) A quick skim into mining Twitter data.
This is a variant on the text prepared for a short talk at the Open Science evening at the Oxford e-Research Centre on Wednesday 27th November.
Peter Murray-Rust also spoke at the event on the AMI software and the Chemical Tagger.
This is a brief talk about some work that I have been doing in […] November 30.

2013 – 8:33 pm By Posted in

Tagged twitter Comments (0) Weeknotes – Scripting and scraping.
It has been a while since I last posted a week note, so I thought I would try and get back in the habit.
I’ve been involved in glueing together profiling tools to run so that I can have a vaguely generic framework to profile software at the IO level and the CPU level.
Shell […] August 23.

2013 – 11:40 am By Posted in

Comments (0) Attending the Open Humanities Hack.
I’ve just come back from a couple of excellent days of Humanities Hacking, organised by the King’s College, .

London Digital Humanities department and the Open Knowledge Foundation

To be fair, it went slightly differently than I thought it would.
After an interesting start trying to find the room we were in, a few of us […] November 22.

2012 – 8:26 pm By Posted in

, Tagged , javascript, visualisation Comments (0) Looking at mentions and users in a Twitter message.
I was preparing for the recent OK Festival and discovered that the Weird Council was taking place; a conference on the awesome China Miéville.
As you may guess, I am a bit of a fan.
Unfortunately I was not aware that it had taken place so I watched it on Twitter.
Whilst on my travels, […] September 22.

2012 – 7:39 pm By Posted in

Tagged , twitter Comments (0) Thinking about texts and communities at Textcamp.
Having gone to Textcamp yesterday, I started playing with Wordle and IBM’s Many Eyes at the suggestion of Dave Flanders of the JISC.
As James Harriman-Smith, the organiser and Open Literature co-ordinator for the Open Knowledge Foundation, had suggested that this year is the anniversary of the manuscript of Alexander Pope‘s An Essay in Criticism, […] August 14.

2011 – 12:33 pm By Posted in

, Tagged , textcamp Comments (2) Older posts.
Text Mining.

Q2 in Review: Highlights and Insights From the Atrium Team

Unlock the power of your data With deep expertise in AI and machine learning, we help businesses make smarter decisions and act on them.

Improving Your Company”s Resilience with a Data-Driven Forecast

DOWNLOAD In today’s environment, adaptation and resilience win.
Schedule Workshop Previous Next Intelligent experiences and insights delivered.
Take control of your data, surface the insights you need to compete, and drive impactful outcomes — with our guidance and support every step of the way.
We provide access to innovation by partnering with other platform leaders in the intelligent experience space.
Whether you need help getting started with analytics and identifying the right solutions for your organization, complex implementation or integration services.

Or continuous support for Salesforce or other analytics solutions

we can help.
Your industry, our expertise.
We have a unique understanding of the role data plays in the world today.
As the market leader in intelligent solutions, we take a data-driven, industry-specific approach to business transformation for our customers.
We specialize in the following three industries, with an emphasis on customer acquisition, customer retention, and intelligent forecasting.
Financial Services.
Revolutionizing banking, wealth management, and insurance with intelligent AI-powered predictions and recommendations.  Healthcare and Life Sciences.
Improving experiences and providing better patient outcomes with intelligent AI-powered predictions and recommendations.  Higher Education.
Improving student outcomes and helping institutions provide better approaches to education with intelligent AI-powered predictions and recommendations.
Featured Customers.
Customer Stories From the Blog.

How to Unlock Account Potential and Recognize Revenue

Bridgette Brown Account growth and retention is not a new focus, but the way we prioritize and achieve it has changed.

Multiple Toggle Selection Binding: Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Monali Dixit Widgets are one of the main components of a dashboard.
In Einstein Analytics, the toggle widget gives us the.
Q2 in Review: Highlights and Insights From the Atrium Team.
It’s been a time of immense change in business and in life for all of us.
Over the past.

Getting Started on AI Initiatives: The Do’s and Don’ts

Your business can benefit greatly from using AI and machine learning to transform your data, systems, and platforms into.
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your OSVs are delivering on time

August 4, 2020.
May 18, 2020.
Your rig is blissfully drilling its program, your platform is hitting its production targets, your pipelay vessel is half-way through the tie-back project, your OSVs are delivering on time .
You’ve thought of all the contingencies.
Or have you.
Can your … Read More….
May 1, 2020.
In our last few newsletters we have explored several cybersecurity topics which make the case that in operational technology environments, traditional malware detection-based cybersecurity methods are not enough.
Effective cybersecurity is not achieved … Read More….
March 12, 2020.
A Better Approach to Assessing Operational Cybersecurity Threat Readiness Operational cyber technology systems such as industrial control systems are no longer simple or isolated.
They are now complex, highly integrated, increasingly automated and conn … Read More….
November 21, 2019.
In our last newsletter, we discussed how a traditional “IT” centric approach to cybersecurity was not enough to counter the malware threats to the industrial control systems (ICS).
The ICS environment is more commonly called “operational technology” (O … Read More… 1.
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Tips and Tricks iOS Archives — Astuces24

Tips and Tricks iOS.
Jun 8, 2017.
Mar 11, 2017.
Jan 11, 2017 Débloquer un iPhone bloqué iCl.
Nov 14, 2016 Déblocage iCloud et Supprimer l’activation iCloud iPhone: Est-ce possible de Débloquer iCloud iPhone 2020 avec Legacy iCloud.
Oct 27, 2016 Tricher Pokémon GO – Ast.
Jul 15.

2016 Priori tres cher ok

pokémon GO si le produit jeux pokémon a sortir sur téléphone et c’est juste la fin.
Notre site est.
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William Optics Zenithstar 73 APO

William Optics Z73 APO.
William Optics Zenithstar 73 APO.
The William Optics Zenithstar 73 is an apochromatic doublet refractor telescope built for astro photography .
With an objective lens using high-quality FPL-53 ED glass, .

The Z73 APO is a superb deep-sky imaging performer

The example images shared on this page should give you a good idea of what you can expect in terms of astrophotography with this compact refractor.

I have used the Z73 to capture a number of deep-sky objects in my backyard

and have found it to be a tremendously versatile and impressive instrument.
Anyone in the market for a premium wide-field imaging refractor in a compact package will be hard-pressed to find a contender that can top the Zenithstar 73.
The Andromeda Galaxy – Canon EOS 60Da and William Optics Zenithstar 73 The Z73 has proven to be one of the most useful telescopes for astro photography I have ever owned.
The overall low profile and quick set-up time mean reaching for it more often when the clouds suddenly clear up.
The impressive images I’ve captured using the Zenithstar 73 speak for itself, and I would highly recommend this apochromatic doublet to anyone looking to capture sharp, .

Wide-field deep-sky objects.  William Optics Zenithstar 73 APO Review

This telescope is a full-frame apochromatic refractor.

Which means that it’s perfect for cameras such as my Canon EOS 5D Mark II

or the popular Canon 6D.
The large imaging circle means that your images will not show vignetting near the edges of the frame.
William Optics offers 48m T-Ring mounts to attach your Canon or Nikon DSLR to the telescope.
The Flat73 1:1 field flattener is recommended for full-frame astrophotography cameras, and what I have used for the images on this page.

As with many of the telescopes from William Optics

the Zenithstar 73 comes in a number of color combinations (red, blue, and gold) and accessory packages.
The design of these refractors are also tweaked year over year, from the guide scope rings to the field rotator.
The model featured in this review is the 2018 edition with gold accents, with the new integrated diffraction-spikes Bahtinov mask in the dust cap.

The William Optics Zenithstar 73 with a Canon 60Da DSLR attached

If you would like to see this telescope in action with a DSLR camera attached, have a look at the following video.
My deep-sky astro photography target for the night was the Cocoon Nebula in Cygnus.  A Wide-Field Imaging APO.
With a focal length of 430mm, you’ll be able to capture large deep sky objects such as emission nebula and open star cluster s.
The field of view allows you to capture large targets in their entirety, or in new framing presentations .
In the fall of 2018, I captured the Orion Nebula, .

And the Pleiades star cluster using the Zenithstar 73 and a full-frame DSLR

The Orion Nebula and the Pleiades Star Cluster using the William Optics Zenithstar 73 APO The images above were captured using a stock Canon EOS 5D Mark II, with an Optolong L-Pro broadband filter in front of the sensor.
The camera was attached to the telescope using the Canon 48mm T-Ring, with the Flat73 field flattener in place.
2-inch (48mm) filters conveniently thread inside of the Flat73 field flattener.
This is a great location in the imaging train and can easily be swapped out for another filter type between imaging sequences.
The flattener threads directly into the telescope focuser drawtube for a secure connection.
The William Optics Flat 73 1:1 Field Flattener with a 2-inch light pollution filter inside William Optics Zenithstar 73 Core Specs:.
Focal Length: 430mm.
Focal Ratio: F/5.9.
Objective Size: 73mm.
Glass Type: FPL-53.
Weight: 5.5 lbs.
Focuser: Dual Speed Rack and Pinion.
Astrophotography Performance in Compact Package.
The Ohara FPL-53 ED Glass is a top of the line material found only in the best apochromatic refractors.
This makes the Zenithstar 73 an excellent choice for those looking for a primary imaging telescope.
This APO doublet captures sharp, high contrast images free of false color.
All of the William Optics imaging APO’s I’ve used for astrophotography have produced exceptional images.

(See my experience using the giant Fluorostar 132 ) The Z73 is very compact and portable

It weighs only 5.5 lbs, which means that you don’t need a large equatorial mount with a heavy payload to use it for astrophotography.
I used this refractor with my humble Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Pro SynScan exclusively, and it required only a single counterweight.
Ultra-Portable Telescope.
It is often said, that the best telescope is the one you use most often.
With a retracted length of 330mm and convenient mounting options, you’ll have no excuse not to deploy the Z73 for a night of deep-sky astrophotography on a moment’s notice.
I often leave the Z73, camera, counterweight, and all accessories attached to my telescope mount and carry then entire rig in and out of the garage.
Along with the Z61 , it is easily one of the most manageable astrophotography telescopes I’ve ever used.
Impressive Features.
The built-in star-spikes Bahtinov mask makes focusing your DSLR camera through the telescope quick and easy.
Simply point the telescope at a bright star, and position the central spike evenly between the “X”.
Focusing with a DSLR camera on the Zenithstar 73 APO is quick and easy using the integrated Bahtinov mask The new mounting ring design is an improvement over the original, and mounting the 50mm guide scope was straight-forward.
The color-matched gold Vixen rail is both beautiful and functional.
The telescope is held securely inside the mounting rings and can be adjusted back and forth to improve balance if necessary.
I appreciate the included rubber-tipped screws that do not damage the painted finish of the optical tube.
The 50mm F/4 guide scope has a 1.25″ opening for guide cameras such as the Altair GPCAM2, and a well constructed RotoLock adapter.
This little telescope adds very little weight, yet provides reliable guiding results night after night.

The William Optics Zenithstar 73 APO has an f-ratio of F/5.9

The focal ratio of a telescope represents its light gathering ability, .

And the Z73 hits the sweet spot

In my experience with the Z73, the combination of 430mm at F/5.9 was just right for collecting long exposure astrophotography images of the Butterfly Nebula and Heart Nebula.
Although it is small, the 73mm objective is more than enough to gather impressive long-exposure deep-sky images.
The wide field of view is particularly effective on large targets such as the Andromeda Galaxy, The North America Nebula, and the Heart Nebula.

The 2.5″ dual-speed focuser includes the William Optics signature thermometer

It’s buttery smooth and secure.
With my heavy full-frame DSLR camera attached, the focuser held its position even after pointing towards the Zenith and a Meridian flip.
To confirm this, I simply pop the diffraction spikes Bahtinov mask on the telescope between frames.
Astrophotography Images.
The Pleiades Star Cluster – Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Optolong L-Pro Broadband Filter The Orion Nebula – Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Optolong L-Pro Broadband Filter Full-frame DLSR camera owners looking for a reliable, high-performance imaging refractor will be thrilled with the Zenithstar 73 APO.
I suggest investing in the complete package that includes the Flat73 field flattener, 50mm Guide Scope and 48mm T-Ring Adapter.
The William Optics branded soft carry case is a nice extra to complete the package and keep the telescope safe when not in use.
These are additional expenses on an already “premium-priced” telescope, but you’ll have them for life.
Consider the purchase of a telescope to be an investment in wide-field astrophotography for the future.
The precision focuser, integrated focus mask, .

And crisp image performance are what I enjoy about the Z73 most

The fact that I can quickly this telescope up for deep sky imaging means that I can use it on nights when clear sky time is limited, and still get a few hours of astrophotography in.
Don’t underestimate the advantages of convenience and portability in this hobby.
As your hardware and skills progress, it becomes increasingly rare.
The William Optics Zenithstar 73 APO is available at High Point Scientific ©.